06 May 2008

the tasting Menu at MASA.

While reading the Adam Platt's article, "To Die For," in NEW YORK magazine - It occurred to me that I neglected to share my thoughts on my experience with Masa's Chef tasting Menu...

Gliding up the escalators of the Time Warner Center - passing a barrage of sales people huddled in store fronts- I hadn't expected much-

I had only been in NYC for a few months last fall when I reached the warm tones flowing through the doors- an invitation to serious foodies. Chef Masa designs a tasting menu that you could wrap yourself in. His design is ever changing to compliment his inspiration and also the season's offerings.

We enjoyed a sauntering trail of plates that were appropriate and delicate portions- in expertly crafted design and cut. The toro was divine. The fugu sashimi sparked my interest- To sip we had Bisuikan sake, which is a Dai-Ginjo. I typically choose a Junmai- but as a guest - found myself curious to branch out- The Bisuikan was unlike any sake I had ever tasted.Rhythmic, deeply complicated with fragrant complexities.

I'd suggest teaming up with another one of your friends who has received their stimulus check and put it into the hands of Chef Masa. Although if you have the curiosity and time- why not head into the "Queens of Toyko," (Sumida) and risk your life at Mukoujima Hashimoto, as Platt did. Perhaps it was his writing- or the fact that the fugu is not regulated and altered in the same way that it is for United States consumers- the experience is on par with a Haruki Murakami novel and much worth the flight- (In fact I recommend you listening to the background music of his website as you read about fugu).

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