30 November 2012

Wood & Aluminum

Designer  Hilla Shamia crafted this modern line of furniture from aluminum and wood. The contrast of the materials is a bit uncanny to me, but I can't help but be drawn to the raw beauty. This particular set has been nominated for the 2013 German Design Award. View more from the Israel-based designer here.

Pink Banded Agate Ring

Oakland-based Elizabeth Lydon crafted this stunner from hot pink agate and gold-dipped metal. Wishlisted! Details and her complete collection at etsy.

28 November 2012

Kate Spade Gia

Need a gift for a bachelorette? Albeit not underthings, the Tequila is Not My Friend gia by Kate Spade will certainly get a laugh and  perfectly fits your hotel key and cash for your bacon egg and cheese excursion the next morning.

Bananas & Baobabs

At first glance, I thought Shea Terra Bananas & Baobabs would be the ignored banana candy of lotions. I set aside my judgement and smoothed some over my hands. The texture is comparable to butter without the grease and the scent is warm and full of childhood nostalgia. To boot, it's a miracle worker on winter exposed hands! The product has quickly become my favorite item in my November Birchbox.

27 November 2012

They're on to you.

From Tenoversix, this set of ten They're onto you collar stays is a great stocking stuffer for your funny husband or gesture for colleague!

26 November 2012

Pastels & Geometrics

Australian-born So Little Time Co. features playful jewelry ideal for teachers or those young at heart. I'm favoring this wooden geometric pieced necklace, but the rest of the collection is well worth taking a peek. Check it out here.

Jonathan Adler Salt & Pepper Shakers

We received a great set of Jonathan Adler outdoor entertaining platters/bowls as a wedding gift. Impressed with the quality and vibrant designs, I've kept the name on my radar. These salt & pepper shakers are spot on (I couldn't resist the pun!) to add a bit of flare to your dinner table. Purchase at Birchbox.

23 November 2012


Did everyone have a fun and warm Thanksgiving? We are thankful that the day before the big turkey, our apartment building lifted the evacuation order and we were welcomed back in! Albeit still on a generator until a transformer can be brought in for a permanent sense of power, it's massive after 29 days!

Image: Crowley Photos

Vogue Australia: Black Caviar

Vogue Australia is featuring a four-legged beauty on their cover for the first time in history. With a stunning sheen, Black Caviar is considered to be perhaps the greatest horse of all time with an unbeaten record of 22 competitions and a net worth of more than 7m dollars. It's no surprise that she belongs on a cover which features royalty,  actresses and super models!

21 November 2012

Hot Sox Lace Foot Liners

Oddly, I find pumps to be more comfortable that flats. I'll credit my high arches. I have a handful of gorgeous pairs of ballet flats that tear my paws apart. The Hot Sox Cushioned Lace Foot Liners may be the solution! To boot,  the lace trends appears to be coming back in this season. Purchase at bare necessities.

24 Days of Tea

Rather than a daily sugar surge,  24 Days of Tea offers a calming moment each day of Advent. Hey, holidays can be stressful with travel, entertaining and fighting over the last pair of black cashmere gloves in Bloomingdales! Find calendar at David's Tea.

20 November 2012

NARS Andy Warhol Collection

The NARS Andy Warhol collection is lovechild between art and cosmetics so lovely- I'd likely purchase it and simply admire it! The nail polishes and lip colors are also tempting. Early Christmas present to self? View the entire collection here.

19 November 2012

Silver Linings Playbook

 Silver Linings Playbook looks like the perfect film to sneak a few beers and burritos (with your partner in crime) into!

Nautical Knots Ring Set

We've been weathering storms in New York City! This set of Nautical Knots Rings are pitch-perfect for the wellies and anoraks we've needed lately! Check it out at C Wonder.

16 November 2012

Fou Lard

Called  Fou Lard, this life-like bacon scarf looks tasty enough to devour! Crafted from 100% silk by Natalie Luder, you can locate ordering details here.

15 November 2012

New York City Lobbies from Early the 1900's!

Gothamist has cool 28 photo set of New York City luxury building lobbies from the early 1900's. I love the  grandiose spaces with well-spaced furnishings. Navigate here for details on locations.

Venice Under Water

My husband and I spent the first week of our honeymoon in Venice. We were surprised to learn that the city flooded every night! A local explained that it was unusual for flooding in April, but quite common in November. I stumbled across this feature in the Atlantic. It's amazing how well the denizens live in the flooding! Check out our Venice photos here.

14 November 2012

Chalet Leggings

Whether or not you have your holiday season plans squared away, one thing is for certain: these Chalet Leggings from Lands' End are pitch perfect for ski lodges, Mum's cocoa next to the Christmas tree or a game of Headache Rummy adjacent the fireplace.

Chalkboard Entertaining

I cannot have someone over, without popping into the kitchen to throw together an antipasti platter and a selection of libations. Is there anything better than sharing a plate and a drink in good company?

Although writing on chalkboards gives me goosebumps,  I love this rustic idea for a wine and cheese pairing party! Further details at Apartment Therapy.

Liz Lemon in a Box

Have you read Bossy Pants? I made a fool of myself giggling like a school girl on my flight to Rome a few summers ago while indulging. I'm in a similar state over this post on Liz Lemon in a Box is spot on.

Great Liz'isms:

“I pretty much just do what Oprah tells me to.”
“Hey, don’t knock my Sabor de Soledad. I found a prize in here the other day. I hope.”
“I’d like a meatball sub with extra bread.”
“I’ll have you know that I wore sandals this summer. Over socks. In a dream.”
“I was Princess Leia like four Halloweens in a row. Recently.”
“Working on my night cheese.”

Kudos: You are My Fave

13 November 2012


I do not leave the house without a hair tie on my wrist. It's a practicality that I cannot shake, even with an evening gown on (though I managed to deny the temptation on my wedding day). I was pleasantly surprised to discover Twistband in my October Birch Box. The bands are a revolution in ponytails: no crimps in your hair, durable and also wrist friendly. I have vowed to order a package once I'm able to receive mail (still under Evacuation in my Zone A Manhattan high rise!)

7-Piece Converter Kit

From Brookstone, this 7-Piece Converter Kit looks like a command center. It's definitely a solid investment for myself and my fellow travel horses of whom have scads of converters from past trips. The set is compatible with outlets in 150 countries and will keep your iPad charged and your hair dryer blowing.

08 November 2012

The Rainbow after Sandy

I learned this afternoon that a massive rainbow appeared over New York City after Sandy's pummeling. Check out the details at Inga's Angle.

If you are fortunate to have power (we still don't) and have the ability to offer help, check out this list of worthy routes. If you're still 'homeless,' as you await restoration, I suggest that you check out  airBNB, which has teamed up with Mayor Bloomberg to have NYC residents offer rooms or entire apartments to Sandy impacted residents.

07 November 2012

Silence after Sandy

The impact on my neighborhood and surrounding areas of Hurricane Sandy has been immense and a bit much to process. As the storm approached, our power was cut and we watched the water gush into the streets around our building, rising up to the chest in our lobby. We drank wine with our neighbors and gawked as cars stopped in the middle of streets and people crawled out of the windows and jumped into the water to escape. The next morning, reality set it....

The Seaport remained flooded with oil and water. Pieces of outdoor bars were blocks away from their original location. I spoke to owners, offered to lend a hand. Many said they would not be reopening. Others said they had set-up donation centers to assist with the cost of rebuilding.

Contents from bodegas, stores and bars were purged throughout the streets. A few transient men inspected the items and picked up bottles of liquor and took them with them.

Days passed and the heat, water and lights were not being restored. Our cell phones didn't work below 40th.

A grocer set-up a make-shift store of unspoiled, undamaged items outside of his dark and powerless store.

Our freezer began to melt after three days. I tried to prevent wasting all of our food by preparing a feast on the street to feed the doormen and neighbors.

During the day, I bundled up Pilgrim to keep him warm while I went to clean-up or find cell phone service to check in with family or friends. He's been a good sport about walking up and down the dark stairwells that were heavily scented with gas. I wedged towels under the door to keep the fumes from entering the apartment.

After five cold and dark nights, we headed uptown to stay with friends. We arranged various places to stay for the next few weeks with heat, gas and hot water, where credit cards could be used, ATMs accessed and heat wasn't a major selling point in a bar that managed to open.

The trains on the West side weren't operational yet, we decided to walk cross town and cheer on the marathon runners that decided to do laps around Central Park, despite the cancellation.

A few pockets of businesses in our neighborhood began to get electricity. Pilgrim joined me for a manicure in a warm space.

Each restaurant that opens has a limited Sandy Menu. Blue Smoke featured our favorite Kansas City ribs. A very welcome treat!

 The bad news from our building keeps coming, but we're sending positive vibes. Looking for alternate homes. I heard from FEMA today. We were approved for hotel assistance. I'm grateful for this gift and I hope we will not need to utilize it.

Generators have become the modern campfire in parts of Manhattan. Folks have been surrounding them and businesses uptown with sources to electricity.

Downtown, however, is a world of generators given the task of pumping oil and water from severely flooded basements.

A local grocer opens and waits for new stock. The soups and cereals are lightly scattered across the shelves. I picked up some beef jerky, dog food and treats.

And we're off to our next temporary home with friends! It's been an exhausting, constantly moving adventure and my heart is in knots over those who lost everything. I feel fortunate and am sending positive vibes.