30 November 2010

Angel Wings Cookie Cutters

Tis' the season! Add angel wings to your cup of cocoa with these cookie cutters from Design 3000!

29 November 2010

Vogue Paris 2011 Calendar

Featuring Daria Werbowy, the Vogue Paris 2011 Calendar is out. And it's stunning. View the full set of images at Fashionologie.

Nerd Boyfriend

I have a crush on Nerd Boyfriend. Isn't it great?

Ball Jar Pendant Lamp

I harbor an affection for products made from vintage jars- such as these lamps or restaurants that use them as glasses...

28 November 2010

chaos + order

from le love, artist unknown

All the Buildings in New York

I'm kind of crushing on the growing series All the Buildings in New York by Brooklyn-based artist James Gulliver Hancock...

Christmas in Zurich, Switzerland

December is just a few days away- and I'm reluctant to see Autumn go. However, this image of Zurich in Christmas does offer a few pings of excitement for Winter activities! (via)

27 November 2010


New York






Las Vegas

Los Angeles

From the hands of Anna Simmons, cartoGraphic is a series of illustrations reflecting the cultural landscape of various major cities. Read more on the London- based artist here.

26 November 2010


(I heart Oregon)

(I heart Washington DC)

(I heart Wisconsin)

(I heart California)

(I heart Texas)

Who doesn't love rugby stripes and graphic art? qaDesigns has created an attractive marriage with their prints. View more and purchase at etsy.

a. toy

I'm digging on these pocketbooks from a. toy! The dark distressed leather is ideal for slugging your goods around in the Autumn + Winter.

Joe Osae-Addo

Having studied French from West African instructors in college, I've developed a bit of an affection for the cultural landscapes. I stumbled upon this stunning home- from Ghanian architect Joe Osae-Addo. Isn't the simplicity just stunning? The cobalt couch is quite handsome amongst the mixture of woods and simple white walls.

Ani Castillo Illustrations

Illustrator Ani Castillo couples comfort + connection with the uncanny in her drawings. See more at her etsy shop.

The Diamond Skull (bling bling!)

Anika - Yang Yang

25 November 2010

Preview Doorknobs

While doors exist for reasons, these preview doorknobs are pretty fantastic. They feature bi-directional viewing! Johnny Strategy at Spoon & Tomago details:

In conjunction with Design Tide Tokyo, architect Hideyuki Nakayama - a protégé of Toyo Ito - has teamed up with UNION, a manufacturer of door handles and levers, to create a glass globe doorknob. As you approach the doorknob you catch a glimpse of what appears to be another world, waiting for you to enter and join, but in fact is a reflection of the room on the other side of the door.

[via Gizmodo]

24 November 2010

23 November 2010

Aaron McLaughlin

These make my think of taking road trips in my old Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that I had in college. View more of Aaron McLaughlin's work at his webpage.

Alyson Fox Lockets

Are you a little curious about Austin? I keep hearing good things about the art and music scene...and Alyson Fox is certainly contributing to that reputation with these gorgeous lockets! I've seen some similar necklaces at the New Amsterdam Market on Peck Slip, Manhattan.

Brains 25c

Photographer Jack Klobnak details, "I took this pix (sic) in the 1970's. It is on Choteau Ave. in St. Louis, which was famous in the early 20th Century for Brain Sandwiches (use a lot of mustard). It was not uncommon for dolts to be told to take a quarter down to Choteau to get some brains. Sadly, the building is no longer standing."

The location has been completely redeveloped...into a hospital.

Aga Plieth

I'm tempted to reach out to Polish artist Aga Plieth to have some of these dolls made! Aren't they clever?


The Kootisk is an iPhone dock made of wood (and nothing else!). There are chambers carved which create, "rich dynamic and natural accoustic amplification." Relying on the carved design, coupled with the iPhone's speakers, your music is amplified 4x louder!

Read more at Kootisk.

22 November 2010

Pureness Campaign

The Sony Ericsson Pureness Campaign removes all excess details to promote a simple and uncluttered message. The ads have been designed by Petronio Associates, of whom mainly focus on fashion, beauty and art industry brands.