30 November 2011

Gift Idea: Age Your Own Whiskey Kit

The perfect gift for your man: Age Your Own Whiskey Kit. If he's as manly as my guy, of course:) Purchase at Binny's.

Pretty Wedding Hair

Oh, how pretty! Maybe this is how I should have my hair arranged for my wedding....(This is Glamorous)

H.S. Chocolate Co.

I'm a savory snack craver, but can we discuss the Figgy Blue bar from H.S. Chocolate Co? Soft nougat with toasted walnuts and Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese atop fig gananche. Mouth. Watering.

Todd McLellan

Photographer Todd McMellan disesembles gadgets and photographs them in tightly organized styles. The intricacy and sheer volume of parts is fascinating to me. Learn and view more at his website!

Occupy Wall St iPhone Case

Given that I've been living -and- working on Wall Street for a number of years now, I feel like I should probably dress my iPhone with the Occupy Wall Street Case. Clever!

Tea Rex

Why not make your tea ritual a little fierce? If not for yourself, the Tea Rex filter would be a fun stocking stuffer! Purchase at Fred Flare.

Woodland Holiday Apron

How could you not getting into the Christmas cookie baking spirit while donning the Woodland Holiday Apron! Swoon!

Reclaimed Apothecary Matchstick Bottle

Do you pick-up match books from restaurants? We keep a handful in the drawer to our liquor cabinet. I'm digging this alternative from Jen Pearson Designs...it has bottom customized to strike the matches on!

Modern Clock Radio

My fiance has an ancient clock radio...I think it's time for a sexy update! Buy it at Velocity.

Wasco Tote

From Native X (where I treated myself and my mother to scarves last winter!), the Wasco tote would be ideal to carry along to a campfire with friends. They'res plenty of room for s'mores fixings and a bottle of wine.

Check out this interview with the artist:

NATIVE(X) Artist Interview: Nathaniel Wilkerson from Mac Bishop on Vimeo.

29 November 2011

Scheurich Water Supplier Bördy

This morning, a colleague and I were discussing our holiday vacation plans.  Specifically, which one of us would be watering our plants. I stumbled across this clever watering system: Scheurich Water Supplier Bördy is to be inserted into your soil to water your plant, as needed. Purchase at design3000.

Beagle Freedom Project

I was very nervous to watch the video of these cuties. Heartbreaking with happy endings. If you would like to donate, foster or adopt, please visit the Beagle Freedom Project.

Duchess iPad Case

I feel as though as I should use my iPad more. I basically only pull it out for light web browsing, looking up whatever or when traveling. I've been inspired to use it more organizationally, as I've seen Lisa on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills working on hers, while helping with her daughter's wedding! Wouldn't this Duchess iPad Case be a chic way to tote it to appointments? Fun!

22 November 2011

Fork-Knife Chopsticks

What's cooler than a spork? These fork-knife chopsticks. Buy yours at uncommon goods.

Banquet Invitation Dress

Wouldn't this be a gorgeous holiday party dress?! I'm wondering how it looks in-person. At just $58, it could be a bust. Tempting....

Glitter Oxford Flats

I have these flats from J.Crew in last year's glitterless version. Don't you love how J.Crew continuously makes the same product with minor improvements? The sparkle is perfect for the holiday season!

Holga Lense Filter for the iPhone

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I have had a Holga camera for a few years and haven't used it once. It's one part fear (I haven't used a non-digital camera since my freshman year in college) and one part laziness.

I'm tempted to check out this Holga iPhone lens kit. While you can download gazillions of photo apps, this product is physical. Purchase at Holga Direct.

Jämtland Farm House

I'm thoroughly obessed with this remote farm house in Jämtland. Large and full of natural wood and soothing greys, I can envision serving big meals to family and friends.

21 November 2011

a brunch at Barmarche

In our usual weekend tradition, we sought out brunch after our run through the Battery Park neighborhood and errands. Chris has been chirping about Mexican Radio for a few days, ergo, we decided to walk up to SoHo. Before we reached the venue, we happened upon Barmarche in Nolita. Truth be told, the $6 brunch cocktail special caugh out eyes.

We squeezed into the bar of the quarky bistro and ordered a bloody maria and mary. There is something homey about the space, perhaps the mismatched country furniture? I considered the chandelier in encased in a plastic cube for the majority of the meal. What was it doing in there?
For our plates, I chose the benedict with chorizo and jack cheese with guacamole, pico de gallo and lightly dressed greens. Chris opted for the hangar steak (medium rare) with two eggs over easy and greens. Albeit a French bistro, the menu leans to Mexican influences. We found our dishes to be quite good, and not too heavy. I generally prefer greens with brunch, as it's less filling early in the day (I regularly go into a coma after big meals!)

I was impressed with the quality of eggs. They had the richness and consistency of small-scale local farmers. As well, the English muffins under my eggs were perfectly toasted to soak up the hollandaise and poached egg, without getting soggy.

The Golden Smith

Have you ever thought about how jewelry is made? I was considering the process of resizing a ring this weekend as we continued to shop wedding rings. David Neale explain the process of making this pretty ring here...

18 November 2011

The Descendants

I've been working on getting over my fear of getting bed bugs in movie theatres. I think I'd like The Descendants to be the next film I face my fear with.

Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell is a New Orleans-based artist and musician. I'm digging his posters. He's created prints for some of my favorite bands. Check them out at his webpage.

Andrew Berg Lamp

I'm a little obsessed with this lamp from Andrew Berg. It's simplicity is refreshing. I love the red walnut base and Edison ligth bulb.

17 November 2011

bow + arrow necklaces

How about these for best friend necklaces? Bow and arrow from Digby and Iona. Swoon.

s'more love

Wouldn't these make great party or wedding favors? If I was having a woodsy wedding, I'd definitely put these on the table! (via Pinterest)

Broken Chair

Things are pretty intense outside my Wall Street office this morning. Broken Chair by Chris and Thomas is calm and sweet. It's keeping me focused, and the sounds of sirens and shouting out of my ears:)

16 November 2011

Day to Night

Photographer Stephen Wilkes has created a stunning set of photos titled 'Day to Night,' which are composed by taking multiple photos of the same scene and piecing them together to show different times of the day in one frame.

Super New York City

If you were born in the 80's and had a brother, chances are you played Super Mario Brothers with him. This print from Jesse Eisemann made me smile. I doubt my brother still has his old Nintendo, but I know a place on the Lower East Side where you can buy the old games!

These Bowls

I'd love to fill these bowls with homemade kale chips and open a bottle of spicy Zinfandel. Find you Blue Carnival VIII set (and other stunning products!) at this etsy shop.

15 November 2011

Minimalist Tees

Someone in my family will get these minimalist tees for Christmas. I'm just not sure who...yet. Purchase your pack here.

14 November 2011

Cupcake Benedict

Excuse me? Cupcake....benedict? It's true! Two of life's greatest epicurean pleasures have had a love child: maple cupcake topped with black forest ham, poached egg and maple hollandaise. Complete details at The Cupcake Project.

Cafe Aprons

When I was in college, I worked at a martini lounge/bistro, The Winslow Way. Sadly, it's since closed. We wore long black aprons like these. I think they would have been parfait avec these striped towels! Find them at Studiopatró.