30 December 2011

JP Auclair Street Segment

If I had a pair of skis and lived in a city in British Columbia, I'd be doing this too.

29 December 2011

PicNYC Table

The temperature dropped to 21 degrees this morning in New York City. If you're ailing for a picnic, this might be the Winter solution: PicNYC table by Haiko Cornelissen.

Carved Books

Artist Guy Laramee sculps books into amazing scenes. I can't get enough of them. View his full set of projects at his webpage. I'm going to send it to an old college professor now!

Moondog Bridgewalking in a Snowicane

This will be on our next party play-list. With a side of whiskey-sours.

Pretty Earrings

How gorgeous and unassuming are these Green Lucite Post Earrings from Sandy Hyun Wood? I love the contrast of the earthy wood and sparkle! Purchase and Max & Chloe.

28 December 2011

Cuppa Wombat Tea Towel

Ahh...how sweet is this Cuppa Wombat Tea Towel? Purchase from Jane Burrell Design-gifts inspired by Tasmania!

EmersonMade Bag-o-

My Mum advised me when I was younger, "If you find something that fits well and you love, buy it in every color." I admit that black leggings and blouses are my thing. Perfect with a good pair of boots and fun jewelry- they are simple, sexy and versatile.

I came across these: Bag-o-Black Legging  and Bag-o-Turtlenecks at Emersonmade. I'm sad to say they are sold out. Will you bring them back into stock, please?

Mast Brothers Chocolate

The packaging alone would entice me to buy Mast Brothers Chocolate bars. Wouldn't these be great small gestures in thanks to folks? The makers have quite impressive beards to boot. Check it out...

Slate Tufted Sofa

We've been updating our home a bit: new  bed, carpet and ottoman. The process has had me lingering around the decorating scene for other ideas. Isn't this Slate Tufted Sofa from Shop Terrain handsome? It would be pitch perfect in a large SoHo loft.

Switcheasy Avant-Garde iPhone Cases

I'm just a little obsessed with these iPhone cases. Yours for $35...check them out at geeksugar.

Pieces of our Holiday Weekend

Did you have a good holiday? We kicked the long weekend off right at the Rangers game, then headed to Pittsburgh to be with family. Pilgrim was through the moon with the grass, space and dog park.

We enjoyed sleeping in, having good meals with family and I had a strong run with my dad at his health club before going to my first game at Heinz Field with Chris. Albeit freezzzing, the experience was amazing! We caught up with friends in the end zone before heading home!

Pilgrim has been zonked out since we returned to the city...

21 December 2011

Holiday Cheer!

Are you ready for Christmas? I'm on holiday at 6:00pm today! I'm excited to go for a short run tomorrow morning, then taking in the city's festive side, before heading home to be with family:)

Photo by RJ Shaughnessy for Levi's


MetroChange from Genevieve Hoffman on Vimeo.

This could be a very good thing. I hope it's successful!

(Read more at Gothamist)

20 December 2011

I could eat a horse

Gift idea: for your girlfriend that makes her own puttanesca from scratch: I could eat a horse spaghetti measuring tool. From Reykjavik Corner Store, this handy devices aids in selecting the proper amount of pasta based on your appetite/size of dining group!

Banana Flask

Gift idea: for your best guy friend in college that always had funny documentaries queued up to watch when you came over: banana flask.

Viso Lamp

I'm not one to choose to block a window, but how fun is this bold and modern lamp from Viso? Check out more stellar designs here.

Color Block Tie

Gift idea: for your your fiance that works at a French investment bank: Color Block Tie from Alder.

19 December 2011

Ferrite: An Interactive Liquid Sculpture

Ferrite is an interactive liquid sculpture. That's pretty neat, right? Navigate to Kickstarter to learn give a donation to the project.

The Perfect Holiday Season Polish

I love this polish from the Muppet's Collection! It's perfect for the holiday season. I'm wearing it on my hands and toes now!

A tribute to Tug Boat

Perusing and sampling the New Amsterdam Market is a weekend favorite of ours. This past Sunday, local seafood vendors were highlighted. My husband declared that we must get a lobster. At $10, these are a steal!

After committing, we noticed...they were alive. A detail which, if we hadn't been so excited about trying to cook a lobster for the first time, we would have put 2 and 2 together. We started chatting with the vendor and realized it was Luke's Lobster!

I consider this a celebrity meeting...best lobster rolls I've ever had hail from his shops and food truck around the city. The first time I tried them, I went three days in a row after. I follow him on Twitter. (He tweeted the above pic!) Luke introduced us to the whole family behind the lobster business and suggested we should name our bug. Meet Tug Boat.

I'll admit we struggled a bit with Tug Boat's sad lobster eyes peering at us from our fridge. Luke had instructed us to keep him somewhere cold "like the trunk of your car or outside." Like most Manhattanites, we lack a car...the fridge it was. Every time we opened the door to get a beer: Tug Boat. Eventually we accepted that it was time. Our tummys were rumbling.

We boiled the water and dropped the guy in. Chris admitted, "This is so traumatizing...well it's good practice for the apocalypse, when we have to hunt our own food...I need a hug."
We quickly got over our killing, as we dipped the meat into butter and lemon. Delightful!

16 December 2011

Crazy Stupid Love

We're watching this movie right now. It's hilarious! Netflix it!

It's about time someone said something.

I wouldn't normally post something with profanity, but this is hilarious! So true...I love Nature Valley and avoid buying them from the work cafeteria for this very reason.

Funny Puppy:)

A little house on a lake.

Wouldn't this be an incredible summer home? I'd love to laze around in one of those boats and stick my fingers in the water.

Winter Water Factory

Gift idea for the new baby boy in the family: onsies from Winter Water Factory. So sweet!

Conversation Piece

Perhaps not everyday, but it would be funny to utilize the Horror Movie Shower Curtain and Bath Mat during your next Halloween or cocktail party...

Glow in the Dark Odd Pals Cacti

I'm tempted to indulge myself in this DIY cacti community. The kit comes with three back drops and all the stuff you need to get your plants growing. To boot, it glows in the dark! (Think Geek)

Cheese Quartet

Gift idea: for your Mum of whom always asks you to bring her unique cheeses when you visit and has a glass of wine while reading in bed: Cheese Quartet By Cypress Grove Chevre.  Featured varieties inclue PsycheDillic (coated with fresh dill and rare dill pollen), Purple Haze (fennel pollen and lavender) and Sgt pepper (four secret varieties of pepper). Purchase at Dean & Deluca.

Upcycled Leather Clutch

Isn't this the perfect jeans and pumps clutch? It would be great for a weekday night for for beers and appetizers! (Find yours here)

15 December 2011

Geoff Mcfetridge

Isn't this print from Geoff Mcfetridge sexy? View more of his work here.

Yule Log Ornaments

It's Yule Log season! I love this adorable ornament! Check it out at Ever Kelly.

Tips for Hosting a Cocktail Party in a Studio

If you're young and living in Manhattan, there's a good chance you live in a Studio apartment. We have friends over a handful or so times a year, of which occasionally transitons our group the roof deck or common lounge.

Apartment Therapy has a good and concise guide to successfully hosting in your studio: strategize where coats will go (we typically lay them on our bed), keep the drink and food menu to a few options, and arrange platters away from the kitchen- as it's usually the smallest space and where everyone gravitates to. Read the full set of tips here.

Vacation Daydreaming: Lappland, Sweden

This looks like a beautiful place to squeeze the one you love. View more stunning shots at Ororda Vatten.

Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters

I'm a little late in the game, but I've recently become obsessed with Dexter. I started the third season this week! These blood spattered coasters are awesome! I should be resting my evening glass of wine on them while I watch, no? Wishlisted!

(Think Geek)

Gaga's Workshop X

I'd love to transition from Black n' Reds to Lady Gaga's bright composition books in the office. The collection is available at Barney's. Wishlisted!

14 December 2011

Side Chair

I'd love to run my hand along this soft looking side chair from Usona. It would be so wonderful in the corner of your bedroom, no?


Good news for New York City bacon lovers: Baconery, the online delivery service for baked goods of the bacon persuasion is preparing to open a shop in Manhattan.