28 February 2011

Williams & Gosling

I'm embarrased that I haven't seen Blue Valentine yet (partial blame to my crippling fear of bed bugs in NYC theatres). Aside, isn't this feature in W magazine taunting? Photography by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin.

Julianne Moore

Absolutely stunning photos of Julianne Moore. Talbots: you've never looked so chic, as you do here. View more at Fashion Gone Rogue.

Every Vogue, on Vogue

Fashion blog editor Shrubrub has created a stunning series of images by taking each month of 2010 Vogue cover and stacking them to created one gorgeously chaotic print, organized by country. View all eighteen here.

God of Love

From Luke Matheny, God of Love is an 18 minute film which received the Oscar for Best Live-Action Short last night. It's pretty sweet (nine page poem ala Portuguese!) and filmed in New York. Swoon.

25 February 2011

Norwegian Cabin

By architects Aas/Thaulow, this Norwegian cabin is featured in Wallpaper. Wouldn't you like to be there now?



Bathing Japanese Monkeys

It's been a particularly rough Winter in Manhattan... perhaps natural baths could be a bandaid to our shivers? (Pssst....Bloomberg, it mellows tension).

lovely little cake stands

From a mother-daughter team in Charleston, these lovely little cake stands are made from antique plate and crystal bases. I'd love one, maybe two. I'm also thinking of upcoming birthday presents! View more at Olivia Rae James' etsy shop!

24 February 2011

cake batter rice krispy treats

Rice Krispy treats are arguably my favorite "bake sale" bon bon. (When I was in college, I justified them as a reasonable breakfast choice...they're made of cereal!). Here's a festive twist on the classic recipe:
Shopping List
3 tbsp butter
1 ten ounce bag mini marshmellows
1/4 cup yellow cake mix
6 cups rice krispies
1- 1.75 ounce jar rainbow sprinkles
Melt the butter and marshmellows in a saucepan on low heat- adding the cake batter 1 tbsp at a time, to ensure that it blends evenly. Gradually integrate the Rice Krispies, until all of the cereal is coated. Add 1/2 of the jar of sprinkles. Press mixture into a greased pan and top with the remaining sprinkles. Allow to cool for 30 minutes.
Thank you, Sterling Style.

23 February 2011

Riding Jacket

Your cute little derriere can peek out from those flaps :) Isn't the floral lining also sweet? Find yours at Cabbages and Roses.

Thomas Birke Photography

German photographer Thomas Birke has created a beautiful set of Hong Kong prints. View more of the Berlin-based artist's work here.

Fortune Cookie Coin Purse

It's love. Grand little fortune cookie coin purses from Diane Eng. They come with a promise that no animals were harmed...and they are crafted from recycled leather.

18 February 2011

Criterion Collection Covers

Do covers sell books or films to you? I believe it's a reflection of message being presented in the frames and pages. View more on Criterion at their web page.

You & Me Pencils

Made from natural wood, the You & Me pencils have gold engravings of answering the question, "You and I go together like....." View more from Knot & Bow at esty.

16 February 2011

One of those days

...punctuated by nibbling on take-away leftovers while standing up. A celebratory bottle of Prosecco to follow (celebrating the upcoming three-day weekend!)

Cross Stitch Earrings

Very sweet. My Mum is big on the cross stitching...perhaps she'd make me a pair? Alternatively, these designs by The Pin Pals are dirt cheap ($12-15!).

15 February 2011

Rub a Dub Tub

Top notch soap dish! Find the Rub a Dub Tub at ModCloth.

Brooklyn Neighborhood Necklaces

A little shout-out to my 2nd favorite borough! Find the Brooklyn neighborhood necklaces at the Blue Ribbon General Store.

spring dress

The temperature reached 57 degrees yesterday (I didn't need an overcoat!) and I can't shake Spring from my mind. Wasn't Winter particulary brutal in New York? This pretty little number is from H&M's recently stocked line. I think I'll have to do a little shopping this weekend.

found: all things annie.

14 February 2011

More than Fifty Years

My heart is melting for Lauren Fleischman's photo series of couples married over fifty years. Happy Valentines Day! (View the full series, 'love ever after,' here).

vpl bathing suits

Bow chica bow wow! I've got a trip to Las Vegas approaching and swimsuits on the mind. These little numbers from vpl are gorgeous!

11 February 2011

gold cake

While I'm more of a cheese course than a cake girl- I will have this cake and eat it too. Isn't it spectacular?

09 February 2011

08 February 2011

Hudson Valley: Weekender

Modern and sexy, I'm thinking we should rent this Hudson Valley house for a weekend. Among the features: three bedrooms (gather friends!), sauna, steam room, fireplace, clawfooted tub (glass of red wine and candlelit, please?), wifi, heated and towel racks (ooo la la!). If you make it out of the house- there is an apple orchard and river!

key cloud

I'm not one of those folks who has a little organized ritual when coming home. Depending on what I'm toting, I'll toss my bags/keys/phone/pocketbook on the kitchen counter, the desk...wherever.
That being said, isn't this magnetic key cloud genius? From UK- based Duncan Shotton, the design has been conceptualized for the keys to look like rain falling from the cloud!

07 February 2011

Hideaki Hamada

Hideaki Hamada's charming flickr stream is my gentle push this morning: I need to upgrade my account and work my Cannon more often. Hamada's images reflect the adventures and growth of his gorgeous boys in Osaka.