30 April 2010

The Battery Mug

The image appears when your pour a beverage warmer than 96 degrees Fahrenheit! Purchase and charge your caffeine battery!

“Get Back In Your Book”

Lissy Laricchia's "Get Back In Your Book" is a series of photos with fairytale characters being pulled back into their books from the "real world."

29 April 2010

Au Taf!

Plus...a' pour 15 minutes d'amour Swoon.

Thieves By Law

I had the pleasure of viewing Alexander Gentelev's Thieves By Law at the TriBeCa film festival last night. I highly recommend checking it out! I only regret the late screening, I was too exhausted to stay for the Q&A with the director...

28 April 2010

26 April 2010

Clever Things from Kawaiii

Mother's Day is coming- I'm thinking of picking up goodies from around the city that are quintessentially New York and packing them in a box with brown packing paper and this Manhattan Subway Tape.

I've got stacks of polaroids in Maker's Mark holiday gift bags. Perhaps I should invest in one of these clever SSBA Photo Boxes?

The SpyFrost Project

Canadian artist Dave Trautrimas has created an exhibition featuring architectural compositions made from common household objects. Titled The Spyfrost Project, the show will open at Toronto's LE Gallery on 28 April.

The gallery details:

"(The objects reassemble)... top secret, Cold War era military outposts. These skunkworkstructures, hybrids of both machinery and architecture, stand as colossal weaponized ancestors to common objects such as refrigerators, lawnmowers and washing machines. Fashioned with aspiring futurism, yet an ominous sense of militaristic purpose, these installations link the parallel development of capitalism’s postwar consumer culture and the Military Industrial Complex. Balanced between the promised utopian culture of leisure, facilitated by what the latest in modern manufacturing had to offer and the threat of a global catastrophe wrought by ICBM’s, super sonic jet fighters, and spy satellites, this series elicits the tense equilibrium between the extremes of design and technology during the Cold War era."

Difficult But Possible

Zain7 Illustrations

These are lovely. View more from Japanese artist Zain7 here.

Villa Saitan

From Eastern Design Office, Villa Saitan is an apartment building located in Kyota Japan. The structure features leaf shaped holes- offering character shaped by the light let in. Learn more at Contemporist.

22 April 2010

Ark House by Axis Mundi

New York studio Axis Mundi designed Ark House, a project to be set in the mountainside of Madison Valley, Montana. Featuring a 60 foot internal bridge, the building will feature two steeply-sloping roof structures.

The living areas and bedrooms of the four-story barn-like structure will overlook the mountains, as well the home features a 4800 sq ft observation deck.

A word from the design team (headed by John Beckmann):

Montana’s Western mountains have been lifted and folded by plate tectonics and sculpted by glaciers over millions of years. The project is situated on a sloping windswept bluff overlooking Beaver Head National Forest with extraordinary views of Big Sky Mountain.

In a world which is increasingly becoming placeless, our clients requested that we design their home with cultural specificity. It should be of its time, yet be part of the place they love – the vast ancient landscape of Montana.

Alex Jowett's Painted Nudes

Love more at his webpage.

19 April 2010

Wall Street 2 (New Trailer!)

a brunch at Bubby's of Dumbo

Stepping off the 2/3, we ventured through Brooklyn Heights along the promenade and into Dumbo. Strollers and pregnant bellies dressed the streets of warehouses converted to luxury apartments. We settled into Bubby's for brunch. The massive space with vaulted ceilings was nothing short of a beehive. Much to my surprise as I listened to the hostess quote long wait times to other parties- we were seated immediately.

We ordered coffee and mulled over the menus. The server moved at a glacial place- securing the spot as a venue best suited for good conversation- perhaps go with a friend that you've been meaning to catch up with?

I selected the Eggs Benedict with Canadian ham and grits. My company ordered the jalapeno and cheese hash. We were offered fresh biscuits, which came crumbly with butter and jam. My dish came in a heap with eggs that could have been poached another minute- but otherwise fantastic with the ham seared and the hollandaise buttery and smooth. The grits were satisfying and comforting- improved slightly with black pepper.

I'm not certain that I'd return to Bubby's without reason. The food is up to par in terms of the New York City brunch scene, but there are more engaging menus and prix-fixes aimed to garner one's interest. Bubby's appears to be successful for its location (lack of nearby competition and stunning views).

images: NY Mag

a brunch at Harry's Italian

Tucked under 2 Gold, Harry's Italian is filled with warm garlicy air. The clean layout offers a modern feel to its family style dining menu. Wood fired pizza dominates the menu with pastas and calzones to boot. I popped in for brunch this past weekend- having been temped by the $14.95 Prix-Fixe. I found the bar counter was scattered with patrons dining alone and a few pairs watching the game on the large flat screen.

The menu offers unlimited mimosas/bloody mary cocktails with choice of entree and coffee or tea. Among the choices: frittatas, pizzettes, salads and calzones. I ordered a mimosa and the pizzette with dressed freshly shaved parmesan, proscuitto and dressed arugula. The massive square pie came in with generous portions of greens and thinly sliced cheese and proscuitto. A lively mix of flavors complimented the thin crust pie. I would highly recommend this dish- well matched with its fresh mozzarella and olive oil (rather than red sauce).

The menu also boasts a "hangover pie," topped w/ pepperoni, hot sauce and fries. While somewhat curious, I decided not to go that route. The bar keep provided attentive and non-invasive service. Upon inquiring about delivery/event/cater services- she smiled and brought me literature. I will certainly return and suggest the venue to others.

Images: from my iPhone

18 April 2010

17 April 2010

Porcelain Take-Away Containers

Living in Manhattan, I'll go ahead and admit that my diet mainly consists of delivery. I love these porcelain versions of the familiar packaging! Designed+handmade by Lorena Barrezueta, you can purchase them at Reform School.

16 April 2010

Notice Me

Vahakn Matossian's Notice Me is a series of guerrilla street signs with personal messages specific to their site. Found throughout London, the installations are meant to "attempt to plant a seed in peoples’ minds, that might grow with the other thoughts throughout the day."

15 April 2010

Mona Kuhn Photography

Albeit a little more risque than I typically post of Sakura, I love these soft and sensual images from Brazilian photographer Mona Khan. Naked vacation....anyone?

13 April 2010

Connecticut Pool House

Here's a good reason to embrace the suburbs! Designed by architects Hariri & Hariri, this pool house is located in Wilton, CT. I'm ready to snag a bikini, a bottle of bubbly and tote the Pug on the Metro North...

Aketre Atelier

Explore more from French graphic artist Aketre Atelier here.