30 April 2013

Julep New York Jazz Trio

I'm not a lipstick person. I sporadically use lip gloss or lip butter, but I generally prefer to go nude. With that being said, I received a trio of mini lipsticks in my May Julep Maven Box, which I have fallen in love with! While all three apply beautifully, the ingenue of the bunch is Satin Doll (the coral-rouge huge in the middle). Purchase here.

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Rose Mesh Watch

Isn't this Rose-y mesh watch lovely? It can be yours or mine for $28 at Urban Outfitters dot com.

29 April 2013

Peggy's Upper East Side Apartment Hunt

Did you catch last night's MadMen? Peggy is shopping for an apartment on the Upper East Side! Real estate is a topic which all Manhattanites obsess over: I've -run- to submit a lease application, been hugged by colleagues for snagging a sweet 1 bdrm with 500 Sq ft terrace.

Myself and my husband visited half a dozen places Upper East Side some months back, after our lower Manhattan apartment building was massively impacted by Hurricane Sandy. We collectively (with the rest of the city) burst into laughter when  Peggy's realtor supports the value of the space will increase when the "second avenue subway" is finished. Did you know they *still* tell you that?

Gothamist has a funny recap worth reading including these fantastic vintage media images:

26 April 2013

Chambre de Sucre Macaron Limoge Trinket Boxes

Do you have itty bitty pretty little things that need a safe place to rest? I received a Chambre de Sucre Macaron trinket box from Birchbox and I'm in love! I think I will need to order one for my lovely Mums as well!

24 April 2013

Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir

While I haven't had the chance to try all of the samples in my April Birchbox, I have quickly developed an affection for Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir...

After a bad round rotating through new shampoos to find something new that worked for my fine hair, I was noticing quite a bit of breakage. I went to the salon for a clean-up and started using this light moisturizing elixir which contains powerful natural ingredients such as argan oil and keratin protein. To boot, it smells wonderful! I noticed results with in a few days and I will certainly be ordering the full-sized product!

Details here.

23 April 2013

Ascot Slim Leather Cuff

Do you love riding boots as much as I do? Might I suggest adding this slim ascot cuff to your jewelry box? Purchase from LeatherElements etsy shop!

22 April 2013

Skinnygirl Workout...WOW

I'm faithful to my treadmill/elliptical/sit-ups routine at the gym. However, a few years ago, an article on Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl workout in the Huffington Post caught my attention. The writer mentioned that it was particularly good, and as a faithful consumer of Bethenny's books, humor and well, obviously Skinnygirl cocktails, I decided to order it and a yoga mat.

Here's the #honest moment when I admit that the box sat on top of the DVD's for two years (partly because I still can't figure out how to operate the DVD player and didn't want my husband to watch me attempt to do Yoga, which I could never quite bring myself to respect, but mostly because I felt running was more productive)...

I woke up Sunday morning at a respectfully early time (considering I had been party-busing all Saturday night) and took my adorably overweight Pug for his usual weekend 4.5 mile brisk walk, in the  effort to help him get back to his ideal weight. He's a good sport, he loves it!  When we returned, I asked my husband to start the DVD for me and quickly dissolved my embarrassment. 

Halfway into the second portion (30 minutes in) I was shaking! At this point, my husband had taken it upon himself to witness my struggle while laughing and encouraging, "You got this, your butt looks great!"

 I woke up this morning wonderfully soar throughout my abs, derriere and legs. The feeling of productivity! I can't wait to do it again tomorrow!

19 April 2013

Have a sparkling weekend!

I plan to exactly this on the weekend! We're have a party on our terrace with my friends in town from the West Coast and our New York clan. Many clinks of the bubbly flutes to come!What are you up to?

17 April 2013

Champagne Bottle Bangles

There are always several bottles of bubbly on hand in our home. Shouldn't you always be celebrating? I love these bangles crafted from reclaimed champagne bottles. Wouldn't they be the perfect accessory for this year's Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic?

16 April 2013

Brooklyn heart Boston

In support and solidarity for Boston, these messages were illuminated on the Brooklyn Academy of Music last night. Such senseless and terrible tragedy. My heart is relieved that my friends and family in Massachusetts were not harmed and warm thoughts of healing and strength to those who were impacted.

There is certainly a heightened presence of bomb dogs on Wall Street this morning and around the either iconic parts of the city and mass transit.

via Gothamist.

15 April 2013

The Daffodil Project

Have you noticed Daffodils popping up around the city as Spring makes its presence known? In 2007, The Daffodil Project was founded to recognize those who lost in 9/11. Each year, more than 10,000 volunteers plant Daffodil bulbs across the city. Chosen for their yellow hue, the color of remembrance:

Like most New Yorkers in the fall of 2001, NY4P Chair Emeritus Lynden Miller was grieving in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks when she received a fax from Hans van Waardenburg, a Dutch bulb supplier.

"He had written, 'I feel so distressed and heartbroken for New York. New York and my country have had a long relationship going back to New Amsterdam. ... I just wish there was something I could do,' " Miller told the New York Daily News in 2011. 

"And I sent back, 'Hans, you don't have any extra bulbs, do you?' "

10 April 2013

Zoo Portraits

Photographer Yago Partal created a funny series of photos depicting zoo animals dressed up for portraits. View the full set at Mashable and visit his webpage for additional goodies!

Stella McCartney Laura Pottering Bustier Bra

Isn't this lovely little thing perfect to wear under your favorite spring dress?  There are matching panties too...purchase at ASOS.

08 April 2013

Barbour Flyweight Calvary Jacket

Today is one of those Spring-hopeful days in Manhattan where the weather is very nearly perfect. I find that my wool/cashmere coats are too warm, but it's not quite an unlined trench or denim jacket day. The solution? This well-structured Calvary from Barbour. Purchase at Bloomingdales.

The latest Great Gatsby trailer offers more Glimpses of Old New York!

Moroccan Lace Tumblers

From Burning Fork Studio, this set of pretty Moroccan lace tumblers are made to order.  What a lovely way to sip warm and comforting tea! Details at Etsy.

Ridiculously Impressive: Game of Thrones Cello Cover

04 April 2013

Anchor Twist Ring

I love to get my nautical on in the spring and summer seasons! Isn't this anchor twist ring from Teri Lee Jewelry adorable? Purchase via etsy.

Card Suit Dishes

Thinking of hosting a game night any time soon? The Card Suit dish set is a fantastic way to serve your munchies while throwing down serious hands. Purchase at Stonewall Kitchen.

03 April 2013

Childhood in New York

The current issue of New York Magazine features an excellent article on the history of childhood in New York City. In 1913, it was determined that  95 percent of the city children played in the streets which created a vibrant and stimulating environment:

The autonomy children had was made all the more glorious by the emergence, at the same time, of a new consumer culture. Immigrant families might have been poor, but they were surrounded by staggering abundance. There were sweets and fruit and ribbons to buy; nickelodeons and penny arcades to haunt. Turn-of-the-century children were earning money at the moment that American capitalism was starting to develop amusements especially for them. Most children were expected to direct all their earnings into the family till, but most parents weren’t watching closely enough to enforce the rule.

A glimpse of the modern New York child:

It’s the New York City of today that’s the strange outlier: a land where Gymborees are nearly as plentiful as Starbucks and grown-up restaurants (Landmarc, City Hall) offer kiddie menus. New York’s child-­fatality rate today is much lower than the national average, and neighborhoods that were once outposts of bohemianism have earned themselves the tabloid moniker of “diaper districts.” To the professional’s eye, it looks like this city has finally achieved the dream the Progressive Era reformers had long sought, that New York is spilling over with happy, well-tended children.

Read the full feature at New York Magazine.

Maddie on Things: Book Release!

Do you remember the adorable series of photos I posted  from  photographer Theron Humphrey? Called Maddie on Things, Humphrey  created a sweet blog of his  rescued Coonhound,  Maddie. The two embarked on a year-long cross-country road trip  and during this time, Humphrey  "...discovered her amazing balance and patience," A coffee table ready book has been released! Purchase at Amazon.