22 April 2013

Skinnygirl Workout...WOW

I'm faithful to my treadmill/elliptical/sit-ups routine at the gym. However, a few years ago, an article on Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl workout in the Huffington Post caught my attention. The writer mentioned that it was particularly good, and as a faithful consumer of Bethenny's books, humor and well, obviously Skinnygirl cocktails, I decided to order it and a yoga mat.

Here's the #honest moment when I admit that the box sat on top of the DVD's for two years (partly because I still can't figure out how to operate the DVD player and didn't want my husband to watch me attempt to do Yoga, which I could never quite bring myself to respect, but mostly because I felt running was more productive)...

I woke up Sunday morning at a respectfully early time (considering I had been party-busing all Saturday night) and took my adorably overweight Pug for his usual weekend 4.5 mile brisk walk, in the  effort to help him get back to his ideal weight. He's a good sport, he loves it!  When we returned, I asked my husband to start the DVD for me and quickly dissolved my embarrassment. 

Halfway into the second portion (30 minutes in) I was shaking! At this point, my husband had taken it upon himself to witness my struggle while laughing and encouraging, "You got this, your butt looks great!"

 I woke up this morning wonderfully soar throughout my abs, derriere and legs. The feeling of productivity! I can't wait to do it again tomorrow!

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