29 April 2009


Directed by Kate Hudson, the sixteen minute film is her first project of this nature.

The amazing cast includes: Kristen Stewart, Kurt Russell, Virginia Madsen, Dakota Fanning, and Chevy Chase.

Via: Tribeca Film, Youtube.

texts from last night (a blog to interact with)

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Kind of a hot mess, right?

Eric Fischl: a good investment, says New York

The Old Man's Boat, The Old Man's Dog, 1982.


BBQ, 1982.

New York magazine is currently featuring a comprehensive guide to investments (steals) in the cut-rate market that has been unfolding. Among the real estate, stocks and currencies- paintings by Eric Fischl. The edgy pieces are described by Christie's as "buzz(ing) with a strange sexual tension." Themes of voyeurism, lurking taboos and suburbia are certainly dominant. Things aren't quite all right in Fischl's work, perhaps he's conveying the wild thoughts which may be running through your head...

28 April 2009

Word on the Panda I followed...

A few weeks ago: I noticed a sad panda walking up Broadway towards Wall Street. Sunken head and carrying a folding chair, he drew a crowd of mostly European tourists. I stumbled across the Bob Sala blog, which offers an explanation. Apparently, the Panda spends most weekdays sitting next to the Bull with a tip jar. This ritual begs one to ask if it has anything to to with the fact that the stock market is in a bear market?

waterfront, a few photos

day close hudson.

fire stripes.

tuesday mobile upload: empire state

I do not tire of this view.

(Atelier: 42nd & 11th Ave, forty-three floors high).

The Fish Child (view at the Tribeca Film Festival).

The Tribeca Film Festival is creeping up. Among the many selections, I think I will need to see El Nino Pez (The Fish Child) by Argentinean Lucia Puenzo.

IMBD breaks down the plot:

Lala and her family's maid Guay unveil their love for each other and plan to leave Buenos Aires for a common future elsewhere. When Lala finds out that her father is sleeping with Guay, she hands him a glass of poisoned milk. The day after, Guay disappears. Lala decides to sets off to Ypacarai Lake, where Guay comes from, and discovers the secrets of her friend's past, her first love, her pregnancy and the legend of a fish boy living in the lake..

27 April 2009

overheard in new york (today's tasty morsels).

Last month, I featured an entry on the tremendously amusing Overheard in New York blog. This morning offered a few worthy pieces that I thought I'd extend out to you.

By now you must have heard of the photo shoot over Downtown Manhattan that stimulated a number of evacuations and panic. Take it from C., who was working in Goldman:

"So a 747 and two fighter jets flew past my window at work and I had to run down 19 flights of stairs"

"lol I hear it was just a flight exercise, or so they say!"

"Um it flew eye level with my floor and shook the entire building, I am not buying it, they would have notified Goldman, they were screaming on the loud speaker not to panic"


And a little less major:

"I'm on the train and you know one of the beggars just finished his speech. He's collecting money and one of those Mariachi bands steps on and starts playing while he's asking for money. The guy gets upset you know and so one of the Mariachi band guys hands him a dollar from their tips!"

a good place to be, a Polaroid photo series

strong boat

petits bateaux

saturday students, nyse.


rest and snap.

float park.

bk haze.

Wall & Plants.

26 April 2009

b bar

It's probably been a year since I last settled into B Bar near Cooper Square. The bar/restaurant is made up of a dark bar, baskets of oranges and a large patio that makes you feel like you're in another country. Of course, when you raise your head to the graffiti, nouveau architecture slamming into the older broken down buildings: you realize you're in New York.

We ordered the drink specials: Spicy Margarita and Fresh Watermelon Martini. The margarita had a dominant flavor of Grand Marnier and muddled clove sunken to the bottom. A decent cocktail, but sip carefully, or you'll get caught in the back of your throat. I found myself quite pleased with the Watermelon Martini. Beyond say, a sangria or rum-based cocktail, this was the ideal hot weekend day cocktail. It tasted as though I was sucking juice from the melon.

I imagine brunch is pretty good, judging by the banana bread and butter that we were offered to nibble on. It held its own, even in the heat.

people, neighbors (a photo series)

cooper sq cake.

armenians/times sq.

loom over, columbus circus.

upper west side women.

if judah were a bike ride.


mother's genes must be dominant, central park.

shades and patterns.

splash, hudson.


reflect, ripple.


edgy, financial district.

school girl tour.

the boathouse & walking tour, central park

The temperature reached ninety-three in New York City today. I had the pleasure of joining a group of roughly twenty-five folks for brunch at The Boathouse, followed by a walking tour of Central Park.

Situated on a large pond, The Boathouse is a breezy spot with country club charm. Large turtles floated in the water, others tanned on the rocks. Servers fell over tables, fine tuning the experience, portions were quite large. Among the choices made: fresh squeezed juices, frothy cappuccino, Cottage Cheese Pancakes, Eggs Benedict, Apple-Chicken Sausage with Cheesy Grits...I had the Maryland Crab Cake with Cucumber Salad. In a word: delightful. The entree comes with two 100% soft-shell crab cakes, a mild Dijon sauce and refreshing cucumber salad. I had the opportunity to try the sausage and grits too: hearty, savory meets sweet. All around, the brunch was an ideal way to prepare for our tour.


If you hadn't had a chance to take a tour, it's certainly worth a fraction of your afternoon. The guides (and I'm assuming based on Greg's performance) are well-versed in their subject and move at a comfortable pace. The history of the landscaping, housing that began to be developed around the park is fascinating. Perhaps my favorite joke:

"This used to be all tenement housing," offered Greg

"And now they call it luxury housing!"- Lady in the crowd.

Sal in town!

Sal was in town this weekend! He was kind enough to head to lower Manhattan to pay me a visit, take in the eye candy on the terrace and share some refreshments in the heat.

I finally checked out The Financier: a gorgeous cafe with illy espresso and expertly crafted pastries, cookies and lunch menu items. Right down to the coke sold in bottles, this place easily became an instant favorite. I tried the Pistachio Macaron. Sweet, light and well-textured.

--Sal is a contributor on one of my favorite blogs....