27 May 2011

Wisteria Tribal Beaded Necklaces

I like the yellow. Get this, all three are $22! Perfect for weekend BBQ with friends at the local park. Is the long weekend here, yet?

eat breakfast

What do you have for breakfast? Lately I'm an iced coffee, black or iced tea and Kefir with Kashi cereal (eh hem, bagel and cream cheese on Fridays, eggs benny on weekends).

Image: a campaign to students...breakfast is important!

Bed Nook

I love cozy spaces. As a child, I once slept-walked under my bed and settled in there. My parents found a tent, specially crafed to fit on top of a child's bed. Problem solved. I got my cozy space. (Some sort of desire to return to the womb? Who knows, I was six). The light wood, stacked books and plant are gorgeously matched to the stairs of this little bed nook. #wishlisted.

found: heyyoshimi

26 May 2011

Good Grief Glasses

Here is a set of glasses to properly measure the amount of booze you will need;) Find them at Set Editions...fantastic white elephant gift idea, no?

The Manhattan + Brooklyn Feud

These made me smile! View more on the feud and purchase your own prints at Fourth Floor Print Shop's etsy page.

via Curbed

25 May 2011


Rose Travale created a tee shirt print and a wallpaper, from her custom designed pattern. Now you need a smart pair of white jeans a yellow leather belt. (Encore)

If the World Was a Village of 100 People

Toby Ny has created a reflection-worthy set of graphic posters representing the world population, if it was a village of 100 people. Click each image to enlarge. (More at his web page).

Neutral on New York

New York and I-- we certainly have our moments. Regardless, I can't imagine living anywhere else. I suppose it's the belief I ascribe to- that anything worthwhile- takes effort. Avery Monson and Jory Johnson have created a book about their so-so feelings on the city. Find it at Amazon.

Verner Panton System 1-2-3 Chair

Designed by Danish manufacturer Verpan, this handsome chair is a remodel from the 1973 original. Learn more at Trendir.

24 May 2011

Pretty Things from Amy Walters

Melbourne born Amy Walters now lives and works in London, designing these graphically wonderful prints and products for you and your home. View more at her Etsy shop.

Prepare to be Mesmerized!

Volcanic Eruption in Grimsvotn, Iceland May 21 2011 from Jon Gustafsson on Vimeo.

A stunning video of the of the Icelandic volcano Grímsvötn erupting, shot by Jon Gustafsson.

via Gizmodo.

23 May 2011

Everybody Serves a Porpoise.

A clever print that would look great in your office! View more at Portland, Oregon based Berkely Illustrations' etsy page.

Circus Tent Ring

Here's a little sugar for your finger. Isn't this turquoise circus tent ring gorgeous? Spotted at Circo de Bango.


A cute pillow with lots of ships! Find the Ohoy pillow case at Fine Little Day.


From Japanese designers Torafu Architects, the Tapehooks are made from paper and look like strips of curled tape. I would love a few next to my door!

20 May 2011

Necono Digital Cat Camera

Here's a little kitty camera. View the full details of its powers here!

Neivs Sunset Glasses Necklace

We're having another rainy day here in New York. I'd like to perk up with this necklace from Neivs, which is presently marked down to $26 (from $52!)

19 May 2011

Alexander McQueen Plexiglass Clutch

A very stunning clutch from Alexander McQueen.

Balancing Barn

Dutch firm MVRDV has designed Balancing Barn, which is perched on the side of a 45-degree slope in Suffolk, England. The structure won a 2011 design award from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Interview: Winy Maas of MVRDV on Balancing Barn from Dezeen on Vimeo.

Lovely Marigold Dress

Swoon. This marigold dress is a lovely shade of yellow. I'm still pale from the winter, it's encouraging to find a hue that works well on light skin. The photo was taken at the premier of Melancholia in Cannes. (Via)

Training Dresser by Peter Bristol

Rather than labeling children's drawers, why not get a training dresser? Seattle designer Peter Bristol has created this simple and aesthetically pleasing wardrobe with drawers resembling the intended contents. Magic.

18 May 2011

log with head band and wrist bands.

Well, isn't this clever? A stylish log with head band and matching wrist bands from illustrator Marc Johns.

Breakfast Interrupted

BSS Breakfast Interrupted from Bruton Stroube Studios on Vimeo.

Love from the Other Side

Have you ever thought to capture a photo from behind a group posing? Love is hidden in unexpected places. I hope that someone will do this at my wedding.

Mason Jar Goodies

I seem to pack food on-the-go often (work, picnic, dog park). These are a brilliant way to utilize the empty jam and pickle jars that my mother parcel posts to me throughout the year! I love added bonus of Sangria in the photograph above. (More ideas at The Decorated Cookie).

17 May 2011

Cashmere Seahorse Cardigan

If I had an upcoming beach vacation- and the itch to spend $356 on a sweater-I'd buy this sharp seahorse cardigan from Seaton.

PONS + HUOT Workspaces

What is your working environment like? I've noticed that each floor in my nearly 50-story office has unique art and varied workspaces. Do off-the-beaten path designs foster creative thinking?

French architects Christian Pottgiesser have designed the PONS + HUOT workspace centers, which are crafted from a enormous wooden desk, which links the folks of the company. Each station has a space-agey plexi-glass bubble. The sense of flow is spectacular, no?

Octopus Pillows

The largest Octopus in the world was found in the Northern Pacific. In my opinion, that's pretty cool, given that I spent the majority of my childhood on the Pacific side of the continent. (Pssst...they EAT SHARKS!) These pillows from Flutter Clutter are a nice tribute to the sea creature.

16 May 2011

Gold Plated Glasses

It's always lovely to find something gold--that isn't best described as gawdy. A set of two, for just $20 at One King's Lane. I'm envisioning guests sipping white sangria, at a white-themed party in the Hamptons.

Brainstorm: Bridal Headpieces

I revisted My Big Fat Greek Wedding last night. It's hard to imagine embracing the poofy monstrosity that Tulla did on her big day (kudos to her humor, "I look like a snow beast"). I've been attempting to envision my dress, and my headpiece. Ban.do has some pretty fantastic designs, which offer a more modern interpretation of the veil.

Sparrow Ring

Turquoise is one of my favorite stones to wear- you know- aside from the one on my engagement ring. The sparrow ring from Juicy Couture is a playful, perfect for warmer months and on sale for $65. Swoon.

Red Romper

I've been toying with the idea of a romper for a year and change...and it's very nearly romper season (if the weather ever lets up)! From Go Jane, this little number super affordable at $41.

Mustache Wine Glasses

Why not have your guests mark their wine glasses with unique 'staches? Purchase a set of six from LA-based stikrz.

nada SAWAY

Swank clutches from nada SAWAY! I'd like one.

Frog Dissection

I'm very nearly tempted to send this to my favorite science teacher from childhood. I'll never forget the epic days in his class: wiggling the seven figures he had remaining, diseccting sheep brains (and successfully daring a classmate to eat a piece) and of course the time we convinced a fellow student to stick a paperclip in the outlet. How did we survive?

Order your frog dissection diagram pillow from Shop Dirt SA here.