31 December 2009

The Hamburger Bed

The Hamburger Bed is not for sale, however, hamburgerbed.com has the list of items that you need to make one yourself.

You may also like: The Hamburger Dress.


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30 December 2009

Lovechild: Tie & Scarf

Scarf + necktie = a lovely thing.

E-mail contact@andtie.dk for pricing and availability.


Thom Bar

I fell out of the cab and floated up the steps to SoHo's Thom Bar. Located in 60 Thompson, this New School Hotel bar is ranked among the top choices in Manhattan. The key to Thom Bar: getting a seat in one of the nooks in the back. Sunken couches and reasonably eclectic patterns offer the urban-chic you're seeking. A DJ offered Amy Winehouse, Jay-Z, among other main stream hits.

I sipped on the Clementine Cosmopolitan (even, tasty, mastered) before graduating to a Ketel Martini, up with a twist. The cocktail server kept a steady flow of drinks- a detail that I have affection for (attempting to flag an inattentive server is never sexy).

Image: Black Book Mag

Sunset Park Empanadas

Perhaps it's the West Coast in me, but I love the easy going pace in the office- during the holidays. After a good year of hard work, we take a release. This morning, a colleague brought in "Barrio breakfast," refusing to admit exactly where he schlepped the feast from. A few prodding questions and Google research effort later, I offer you: Sunset Park Empanada Cart.

We arranged platters of juicy beef, chicken and potato filled cornmeal pockets, tangy salsa and pork rinds. The skeletal crew gathered in tables to indulge. Ideal choice: chicken, for its moist quality. The salsa's dominant vinegar flavor balanced the rich meat. The pork rinds were chewy (mind your teeth, there are a few hard bites!) and quite savory.

Photo: Scott Sendrow via NFT

29 December 2009

(Love these)

I would love these in my life.


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Swatch Book from HÉCTOR SOS

Project carried out for: Estudio Rosa Lázaro
Photographer: Xabier Mendiola
Client: Torras Papel / Fecha: 2009

More at HÉCTOR SOS .

Run This Town

It's been a while since I purchased music. Unable to stream Jay-Z's Blue Print 3, I took the iTunes plunge. The album is hot venom...and the video is gorgeous. Having studied the African American experience, hip-hop culture and lyrics in college, I find the scenes to draw rich themes of the American Gothic Genre. And: Rhianna. Wow. Stunning.

27 December 2009

Daewon Park Observatory (by Kyungam Architects)

Korean architects Kyungam Architects Associates have proposed their design for an observation tower for the city of Seongnam, Korea.

The concept of "Cloud 360" is to give complete viewing, the only structure beyond is two elevator poles to transport folks to the viewing rooms.

While the design is engaging, it was not accepted. Learn more at Dezeen.

Bear Portraits (from Jill Greenberg)

American photographer Jill Greenberg approaches emotion in a frame approaching garish- but it's lovely, no? Well known for her controversial Atlantic cover shot of John McCain, her art extends into images of children shedding tears in luminous back drops. I have an affection for her Bear Portraits. You can purchase the book here.

Gottfried Helnwein Photography

Wow. N'est-ce pas? The above works of Vienna born Gottfried Helnwein are part of his "The last Child" installment in Waterford, Ireland. The use of automatic weapons coupled with the capitalized "Child," offers an unsettling power. I draw a tremendous amount of pain being communicated through the images. The artist himself offers, "My art is not an answer- it is a question." Among his inspirations, "In retrospect I would say from Donald Duck I have learned more about life than all of the schools I have attended." The image of a child has been consistent throughout his career. His photos, paintings and performances have been noted as deeply involved in the human condition, physical+emotional harm in childhood.

pacific northwest mountains, a photo series

hood canal:1

hood canal: 2

earthquake clouds rainier

city range

a closer look: rainier earthquake clouds

island showing

26 December 2009

Between City & Island, a photo series

life lemons

red barge

air and float

poof loom

harbour pub

Sunset Seattle, a photo series

island arrival

the mountain

left terrain

needle glow


bainbridge bound

crane & gold







market close

already seen