31 January 2011

A fantastic sweater.

Brrrrr....it's cold outside and I'm about to go to the dentist (cringe). I'd love to be cuddled up in this sweater instead:) Find it at All Saints.

a dinner at Mexican Radio

Emerging from the depths of the J train at Bowery, we slushed our way towards Mexican Radio- at the cusp of Nolita. The dimly lit venue is masked behind thick curtains and packed worse than most commuter trains. After finessing our name on the books, an elbow-checking was needed to reach the bar. We took advantage of the bar special: grande house margarita $5 (regularly $12) with Fourquare check-in.

Before we could take more than a much needed few sips, the hostess collected us to lead the way to our table down the stairs. Hot sauce dominated the decor, with a glass case proudly displaying copious varieties.

We decided to share three dishes: Mac N' Cheese, Radio Nachos and the Steak on Fries. The Mac comes 'Mexican-style,' spiked with corn, jalapenos and pablanos. The menu boasted it's 15 minutes of fame in In-Touch magazine. The nachos come arranged in a circle- each chip individually dressed with black beans, smokey guiajillo pepper sauce, homemade crema and melty cheese. Voted Best in NYC, they were pretty tasty and satisfying with the tart margaritas (we were absolutely on round 2 at this fork in the road!).

And our glorious finale: the steak on fries is a mess. A mess of comforting sins. Hunks of steak marinateed tomato-garlic chili sauce over crispy thin fries- topped with a slop of melted cheese, salsa, guacamole and crema.

30 January 2011

iron and wine - boy with a coin

This is nice. After making a delicious breakfast of eggs over easy, sausage and a baby bella- spinach scramble (+mimosas and whole wheat British muffins smeared with mum's homemade raspberry jam, berries picked by her own hands!) I napped to give my soar shoulder a rest. Iron and Wine sounds about right. Right now.

28 January 2011

Claro Walnut Headboard & Bed Frame

Well-matched to a cabin in the woods or an earthy interior for your apartment, I'm keen on this bed from Walnut St in Denver.

little cactus plants

Charming window display of tiny cactus plants. I'm tempted, every time I pass a florist, to pick out a newbie for my window.

Found at Pinterest.

vintage geological poster

German, printed in 1895. Find it at Toronto-based bananastreudel.

26 January 2011

Wooden Bathtub

Made from double-sealed Honduran Mahogany, this gorgeous bathub design was inspired by an antique armchair and a sailboat. View more tubs from Bath in Wood of Maine.


Oversized and cozy, I'm digging the LASSO scarf from Scoutland. Find it at etsy. They have sweet little wristlets as well :)

La Puglia

La Puglia, a stunning new cookbook, has been con­cep­tu­al­ized and designed by Usopposto. In their own words:

This book is the result of a study that sought to explore, through the aes­thetic sign, the close rela­tion­ship that unites every dish to “its” plate, and pro­posed to extend the con­cept of food to a broader sen­sory expe­ri­ence, which evokes the atmos­phere and images. An effec­tive anti­body against con­sumerism that fills the belly and clear your mind, an invi­ta­tion to get back in the kitchen try­ing to remake the tra­di­tional recipes from Apulia, to return to the role of the tem­ple kitchen of the home.

60 recipes of tra­di­tional cui­sine of Apulia, accom­pa­nied by many illus­tra­tions, the result of a path that links design and territory.

Presently only avail­able in Italian, but will soon be released in English. View more pages here.

Pedlars Drawers

It's time to graduate from Ikea furniture. Wouldn't this industrial-style drawer unit from Pedlars be a good place to start?

five whales stacked

Love this print from Salem, MA artist Unitedthread!

Abigail Brown

UK based artist Abigail Brown creates these little critters from fabric, buttons and other little odds + ends. View her virtual gallery.

24 January 2011

Icebreaker Name Tags

I've been attending quite a few work shops and events in past handful of months...and have to say that these Icebreakers name tags would be a pretty fantastic upgrade. You can customize and print your own thanks to the very clever Swiss Miss. (Click here!)

Natura by Héctor Serrano for La Mediterranea

A beautiful series of lamps and vases from London designer Héctor Serrano. Each piece is made by combining glass and cork at Maison&Objet in Paris.
(More at Dezeen)

Czech & Polish Posters for Kaiju Films

Godzilla (Poland, 1957)

Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (Poland, 1978)

King Kong Escapes (Poland, 1967)

Loose Leaf Tee

The love child of school supplies and fashion. Swoon. Find it at Artware Editions.

21 January 2011

Brooklyn Trees Bundled Up

Looking good, Brooklyn:) Read more at Gothamist.

face mugs

The face mugs have a convenient wide mouth for tucking your cookies and donuts into! (Imagine the slight warm up of your baked goodies...) I've been told that as a baby I'd open my mouth wide for each bite of food that my Mum fed me. Enthusiasm! Find yours at Uncommon Goods.

20 January 2011

Octopus Shower Curtain

A pretty fantastic shower curtain from Thomas Paul.

Valentine Pizza

Clever and simple nod to St. Valentines day! Perfect for the classroom or a children's party.

via One Charming Party, photo by Sarah Westbrook.

Golden Gate Bridge ♥ Brooklyn Bridge


Located in the Swiss Alps, wouldn't this be a good place to be with your sweetie? Read more about Whitepod here.

Colorado Ghost Town Wedding

Wedding photographer Max Wanger has created a gorgeous series of photos for couple Victoria and Sean. The event took place in the Colorado ghost town Dunton Springs- complete with pig roast, hot springs and s'mores!