31 January 2011

a dinner at Mexican Radio

Emerging from the depths of the J train at Bowery, we slushed our way towards Mexican Radio- at the cusp of Nolita. The dimly lit venue is masked behind thick curtains and packed worse than most commuter trains. After finessing our name on the books, an elbow-checking was needed to reach the bar. We took advantage of the bar special: grande house margarita $5 (regularly $12) with Fourquare check-in.

Before we could take more than a much needed few sips, the hostess collected us to lead the way to our table down the stairs. Hot sauce dominated the decor, with a glass case proudly displaying copious varieties.

We decided to share three dishes: Mac N' Cheese, Radio Nachos and the Steak on Fries. The Mac comes 'Mexican-style,' spiked with corn, jalapenos and pablanos. The menu boasted it's 15 minutes of fame in In-Touch magazine. The nachos come arranged in a circle- each chip individually dressed with black beans, smokey guiajillo pepper sauce, homemade crema and melty cheese. Voted Best in NYC, they were pretty tasty and satisfying with the tart margaritas (we were absolutely on round 2 at this fork in the road!).

And our glorious finale: the steak on fries is a mess. A mess of comforting sins. Hunks of steak marinateed tomato-garlic chili sauce over crispy thin fries- topped with a slop of melted cheese, salsa, guacamole and crema.

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