03 January 2011

libations, small plates- at Hitchcock, Bainbridge Island

Few restaurants garner my affection on the Island- mostly because the small community doesn't have more than a few handful. As I sunk into my scarf and began to climb the steps to sullen 122 Winslow- I noticed dim hazel lights across the street. Hitchcock is the new kid on the block. Over the course of the week and change that I was on the Island, the venue became my staple.

From Pacific Northwest farmers and fisherman, organic cuisine is prepared in an applewood fire oven kitchen over tables made from a reclaimed bowling alley. Not to ignore the hundred-year- old wood floors and vintage typewriter perched on the bar.

Well-priced small plates, as well, prix fixes are offered (including a "we cook for you- name your price" option). While the wine and beers are well-selected, the custom cocktails are worth a gander. A few bar keeps chatted me up on Christmas Eve, "I like the idea of this, but not quite what I'm...."

"You mentioned bourbon. Bulleit. Would you like me to make something special?"


He's good, just a bit of grated spice. Ideal for warming up before the chaos of a family holiday.

I returned the next day- and the day after...meeting an old friend for small plates. Throughout my days at Hitchcock, my favored dishes were the 1$ oysters, bone marrow with pickled carrots and onion and the Cana de Cabria- goat milk cheese with preserved lemon, pinenuts and extra virgin olive oil drizzle.

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