31 December 2013

Happy New Year!

2013 has marked another amazing year for my little family! We explored new countries, dined well, challenged ourselves physically, continued to grow more in love (I didn't know the heart had the capacity for this much love!) and enjoyed successes in our careers.

We'll be celebrating this incredible year with a four-course dinner at my favorite neighborhood Italian spot, Acqua, which is the only cuisine in New York that actually tastes like the dishes we've had in Italy!

Have a safe and champagne laced evening! xo

30 December 2013

Discoveries: December GLOSSYBOX

2014 is right around the corner! With New Years Eve dinner reservations secured and my dress chosen, I've had time to sample all five products in my December GLOSSYBOX!

Anatomicals You Need a Blooming Shower Body Wash-Full Size $5.50-Included in box!
This is the 7th product from the Anatomicals line that I've sampled and I continue to love each one (I felt a pang of sadness when my spray misty reached empty status last week and squealed with joy when I discovered our hotel in Prague provided a cosmetic bag full of Anatomicals products!). The scent of this wash is a pitch-perfect bouquet of fragrant roses. The price-point is excellent for the quality, which features refreshing aloe vera and jasmine in the formula. If you're interested in trying this UK brand, you can find a variety of the products at ASOS.

Ardency Inn- Punker World's Baddest Eyeliner-Full Size $19-Included in box!
The bulky packaging is all show, this liquid eye-liner features a thin-tipped brush to craft  a  precise cat-eye. Meow.

Michael Todd True Organics- Pumpkin Mask- Full Size $34
Pumpkin on your face? Apparently it's a good thing. The product looks and smells just like fresh pumpkin. Unfortunately (for me and other sensitive skin folks), the ingredients include glycolic acid which is no bueno. I really wanted to like this product, but the test area stung! As with all products that aren't great for one use, I try to find another way to make it work for me: foot soak. My feet weren't pleased either. A generous application of shea butter lotion later- they are content.

Nails Inc- Lacquer in Victoria- Full Size $9.50-Included in box!
Featuring a deep cherry hue, this product was the most enticing in the box. Did I mention I collect nail lacquer like fine wines? I have a few other colors from Nails Inc, which boasts long-lasting and high shine formulas. I'm on day #3 with regular activities (cooking, lifting weights, peeling off labels, etc) and I have one teeny-tiny hardly noticeable chip on my right index finger. Perhaps the shade should be renamed Victory?

Naobay- Oxygenating Cream- Full Size $44
When I read rosehip seed oil on the list of ingredients, I knew I'd be smitten with this cream. Have you tried anything with nutrient? It's a little miracle worker in cleansers and moisturizers. I've been applying it to my neck and collar bones after showering for a fresh start to my day.

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Khroma Honey Pot

Honey is the nectar of the moisturizing gods! Beauty tip: apply a thin layer to face like a masque and rinse off with warm water or use as a lip balm when the thick of Winter sets in! It's a bit messy, which lends me to seek out honey-laced products:

For the non DIY, I discovered a fantastic lip alternative from the Kardashian Beauty line: honey pot lip balm. The product is available in clear shimmer and rose shimmer and delivers the sweet natural scent of honey and moisturizing benefits without the sticky texture. I chose the rose, which applies with a subtle pink flush to my medium-toned lips. The packaging features a twist-open handle, which keeps your manicure from being chipped!

The balm is $8 at Duane Reade,  but it's currently on sale at Ricky's online for $3.75.

Image: Ricky's.

27 December 2013

Metallic Hoody

Life is better with a little shimmer. Why not pick-up your morning java in style with this metallic hoody from Juicy Couture? The deal is with an extra 50% off sale items at Juicy Couture dot com!

26 December 2013

Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky

How was your Christmas? Mine was deliciously quiet with my husband our little Pilgrim. We exchanged gifts, grilled steaks at home and went to see American Hustle (tremendously amusing & fantastic costuming!). There were a few things that I had planned to pick-up for his holiday haul, that I didn't pin down: new-to-him bottle of bourbon and beef jerky. Those two worlds collided in my Feedly this morning with a feature of Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky from Manready. The beef is marinated in Bulleit bourbon and  slow smoked with Texas pecan wood. I'll be filing this under gift ideas for future events!

24 December 2013

Christmas Spirit Decanter

If the Christmas Spirit hasn't dashed into your home yet, or if you're looking to keep the momentum with your guests, the Christmas Spirit decanter from Biscuit might be the ticket to rosy cheeks and laughter. At $25, it would be a fun/ny hostess gift as well (don't forget to fill w/ hooch!).

20 December 2013

Royal Blues

How fabulous is this depiction of the Queen's fashion preferences? From British Vogue, it seems that blue takes the cake! Read more at Daily Mail UK.

Rebecca Taylor Leather Sleeved Coat

In the frenzy of holiday shopping (Do you obsess over finding the pitch perfect gift as much as I do? I definitely over think the details!), I found myself taking a break to check out Rebecca Taylor's online shop. My folks had sent me an amazing assortment of goodies from Birchbox, among those, a make-up bag from the designer. A little surprise was tucked inside:  a 25% off promo code on -any- purchase. As the designer is new to me, I checked out the About Rebecca section first to discover that the Rebecca Taylor hails from the warm beaches of New Zealand and has a loyal following of celebrities such as Rashida Jones, Reese Witherspoon and (gasp!) Kate Middleton.

Then I  discovered this leather sleeved coat
I couldn't resist.

When the box arrived, I carefully opened it and peeled back the silver tissue (which will come in handy when I'm wrapping presents!) to reveal the stunning soft wool with exposed zippers and gorgeously quilted dove grey leather. The waist area has a bit of room on my figure, lending it to layering in a rabbit fur vest or cashmere stole when the temperature drops to ridiculously cold degrees. To boot, the sleeves are easily removed with the chic zippers for maintenance at the dry cleaner.

Images: Rebecca Taylor.

12 December 2013

Welcome Home

We're home and settling back into our New York routine after setting foot in five countries in Europe and three states on home territory. It's been exciting and exhausting and I'm hoping to carve out time to address my holiday cards and share new posts on Rose New York City this weekend!