20 December 2013

Rebecca Taylor Leather Sleeved Coat

In the frenzy of holiday shopping (Do you obsess over finding the pitch perfect gift as much as I do? I definitely over think the details!), I found myself taking a break to check out Rebecca Taylor's online shop. My folks had sent me an amazing assortment of goodies from Birchbox, among those, a make-up bag from the designer. A little surprise was tucked inside:  a 25% off promo code on -any- purchase. As the designer is new to me, I checked out the About Rebecca section first to discover that the Rebecca Taylor hails from the warm beaches of New Zealand and has a loyal following of celebrities such as Rashida Jones, Reese Witherspoon and (gasp!) Kate Middleton.

Then I  discovered this leather sleeved coat
I couldn't resist.

When the box arrived, I carefully opened it and peeled back the silver tissue (which will come in handy when I'm wrapping presents!) to reveal the stunning soft wool with exposed zippers and gorgeously quilted dove grey leather. The waist area has a bit of room on my figure, lending it to layering in a rabbit fur vest or cashmere stole when the temperature drops to ridiculously cold degrees. To boot, the sleeves are easily removed with the chic zippers for maintenance at the dry cleaner.

Images: Rebecca Taylor.

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