26 November 2013

Budapest & Prague

We're headed to Budapest and Prague tomorrow (*fingers crossed* that the weather will not cause issues!). Keep up with my discoveries via twitter (@keisharose10038) and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you in more depth upon my return!

I've uploaded my photos from Budapest and Prague to Flickr! Check out the albums here.

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Tiossan + Birchbloggers Breakfast

I'm excited to share that I had the humbling and energizing experience of joining a group of bloggers hand selected by Tiossan founder Magatte Wade at Birchbox Headquarters in Manhattan. The breakfast was centered around learning about Tiossan's natural body care products, expanding our networks and taking a few items from the collection home to try and share our experiences with.


Magatte warmed the conference room as she entered with her absolutely glowing complexion and smile. She walked around to each attendee and shook our hands, asked our names and settled at the head of the table and suggested we go around the table once more to highlight our background.

Origins are of deep value to Magatte, which his how Tiossan came to be named; the word derives from her native Wolof language and translates to origins of culture and humanity.  She explained that she had collected countless beauty products and realized that she always found herself reaching for the small jar of paste made from the healing doctors in her native Senegal. She decided to develop products  that encapsulated her personal journey; integrating ancient Senegalese recipes, California Green Chemistry and Parisian fragrances.

Magatte also draws from her holistic approach to life by incorporating her social mission of improving educational opportunities for children of Senegal. Tiossan donates 10% of profits to the Bottle Mission Project, which builds mind-nurturing Montessori schools in Senegal.  The vision is to eventually set-up Tiossan's Operations in Senegal, bringing good jobs to the community and ultimately a world-class life style, with more options.

Let's talk products! Magatte detailed her formulas as containing three core ingredients:

Organic Aloe Vera, which brings oil to hydrate and water to moisturize the skin, unrefined Shea butter, which aids in keeping fatty acids in the skin and Black Seed Oil, which is considered a miracle seed in Arabic culture, "curing everything but death." Black seeds contain a strong anti-inflammatory agent which prevents you from losing the benefits of the aloe and Shea.

Magatte explained, "the body wash cleans you the way you should be cleaned....the scrub activates circulation, the emulsion is formulated to not be oily...if you look good, you'll feel strong- if you feel strong- you do great things. A woman's body that feels good will dazzle the world."


I came home with the body wash and body scrub (and later ordered the body lotion). I wanted to use the products for a handful of showers before lending my thoughts. I'm four bathing rituals in and feel energized about my new relationship with Tiossan: 

After moistening my skin from neck to toe, I applied a small amount (a little goes a long way) with circular motions into my skin, then cleansed with the body wash wash and patted dry. I moisturized with Whish body butter after (my Tiossan body lotion is still making its way to me in the mail).  It's been chilly in the city, ergo, the natural formula was a bit solid sitting in my apartment (with large, drafty windows) and took some patience to work with. Bathing is one of the things that I enjoy taking my time with, welcoming the process. It's a truly decadent feeling to give your body time to relax and focus on nourishing.

This musky scented formula could easily be used by my husband as well. The consistency isn't thick, which lends it be  easily blended into your favorite gentle loofah for cleansing the body. The scent fills the shower well, without being overbearing. 

The wind and chill of winter have met their match. My skin has not shown the regular stress that I see as the air drys and drops well below freezing temperatures. The most obvious benefit that I noticed was that I wasn't needing to reapply hand lotion throughout the day. My skin looks healthy and youthful. I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts on the body lotion and trying the bars as well!

Stargazer Lights

Bring soft and magical light to your living room with these gorgeous stargazer lights exclusively at terrain. Wouldn't they be perfect for entertaining friends over the holidays with warming old fashioned cocktails? Crafted from copper, they are suited for indoor and outdoor use. I love them arranged in the above clear glass lanterns.

Image: Outblush.

25 November 2013

Birchbox Limited Edition Precious Metals Box

In-sync with with the holiday shopping season, Birchbox has collated the perfect gift for the swank city girl in your life. The limited edition Precious Metals box comes in a gilded box that could have been snatched out of the pages of The Great Gatsby. The collection is also suited to be divided into a handful of gifts for the variety of personalities in your circle of friends.

Included in this beautiful collection:

Kusmi Tea Paris Rose Green TeaInfuser
These two items were the first I called to action in the box! When it's 20 degrees outside and your wrapped into a mummy of layers, nothing reminds you of just how chic you are as hot cup of tea with real rose petals in the blend. Pretty has a taste and this green tea represents it to a tee.

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eye Shadow Palette 
I have been poised with baited breath for this Birchbox exclusive palette to to become available! Plum and neutrals come together to create an elegant day-to-night palatte. View this pitch-perfect tutorial for ideas.

Follie Follie Metallic Makeup Bag
Ideal for keeping your cosmetics organized, this pouch featuring three zipper pockets is crafted from a buttery soft metallic gold leather with a modest pebbling. It's so gorgeous, I've placed it front and center on my vanity.

Frends Ella Earbuds
I was hoping to get the rose gold, but the gold are just as lovely! The jewelry-inspired ear phones deliver excellent sound quality, which is key when clocking miles on the treadmill or creating PowerPoint presentations at the office. Valued at $99. these bump the value of the limited edition box tremendously!

Gorjana Taner Shimmer Necklace
I have been eyeing this layering necklace for some time now! The simplicity is of the 18k gold plated design is stunning and confident in my eyes. I've been wearing it non-stop with a  rose gold key  necklace with extra long chain from Folli Follie since plucking it from the box!

Tweezerman Procurl Lash Curler
Eyelash curlers are a bit scary to me, but this rose gold charmer inspires me to give them another chance.

essie Nail Polish encrusted treasures in hors d'oeuvres
Oh the sparkle and shimmer packed into this little glass bottle! The shade is nothing short of stunning and I've been collecting non-stop compliments on my luxe manicure!

Check out the official unboxing video at Birchbox.

23 November 2013

em cosmetics

After a recent Youtube binge, I discovered a number of videos reviewing a power house vlogger's new(ish) make-up line, which is backed by L'Oreal. Michelle Phan is the pretty face behind em cosmetics and the Life Palette is the ingenue of her line. I know I'm late to the party, but if a little bird hasn't told you- these products are worth the investment!

The Life Palette is available in six unique 36 pan designs with lip, cheek and eye colors. The pots are refillable and easily removed with a small tool, which is included. The packaging is -heavy- and features magnetic closure. If you're someone that packs make-up in your pocket book for touch-ups throughout the day- fret not. A mini pallete is included to tuck away the colors your current look are tapped into.

I found myself gravitating towards the Day Life palette and the Beach Life palate. At $75 a pop, I couldn't justify both. I eventually settled on the Day Life which has gorgeous champagne, apricot and rose notes. A few days later, an email popped into my inbox offering 30% off em cosmetics (eh hem: promo code IPSY30). I couldn't resist treating myself to the Beach Life Palette and the Chiaroscuro contour & highlight stick in medium tones.

I view the Life Palates as "one and done" for your cheeks, lips and eyes. The shadows vary in pigmentation, but lend themselves to building more intense coloring. The lip colors are creamy and slightly transparent, lending themselves to compliment a variety of skin tones.

UPDATE: Michelle Phan recently announced that the Life Pallete pricing has been reduced to $59! Keep up the feedback! Smart companies respond:)

Folli Follie + Birchbox Event

Birchbox and Folli Follie joined forces this past Thursday to host a sparkly and decadent event of shopping, confections and bubbly. To boot, a few stylists from Sarah Potempa were armed with the tools to design perfect buns for guests! 

There were so many tempting accessories and hand bags to invest in at the Greece-born boutique. A charming Bolivian sales woman mentioned that the brand is quite popular across Asia (which is exciting as my husband recently booked us a trip to China, South Korea and Japan for late 2014!). I was familiar with the label, but hadn't previously invested in any items for my personal wardrobe.

I danced circles around the above dove grey hand bag and rose gold key encrusted in crystals until I decided I simply needed them in my life. The hand bag features tender leather and rose gold hardware I'm a mega fan of the luscious metal!

As guests said their good byes, they were offered a bonus Birchbox. I passed mine on to an excited girlfriend at the office. #moregood

Galaxy Chic Palette

I'm a wee bit addicted to Hale & Hearty for lunch during the work week. This love has evolved to a chatty relationship with the take-away chick.  The topic of cosmetics came up one afternoon; introducing me to B.H. Cosmetics. I googled  the company and discovered a smorgasbord of cheap and colorful cosmetics. The Galaxy Chic palette caught my eye with (18) cosmetically themed baked shadows for a delicious $14 on sale.

The package arrived from California this afternoon and I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality. The shadows are highly pigmented shimmers that apply evenly. I foresee a long term relationship with this palette! I'm considering it as gift idea for a girlfriend or two as well!

GIRLS: Season 3 Trailer

Looks like the GIRLS haven't quite put their ducks in a row and it's going to be another funny season!

21 November 2013

Much Loved

Photographer Mark Nixon collated 65 photos of teddy bears and other stuffed animals  that show the wear of years of love from their owners into a book. How sweet! Wouldn't this be a fun gift?

20 November 2013

Amazing Volvo Commercial

 Kudos to Volvo and John Claude Van Damme! More amazing is that this commercial was filmed in one take at sunset in Spain.

19 November 2013

Birchbox: Limited Edition Snow Day Box

So many good things have been happening with Birchbox  lately (and dominating Rose NYC)! The Limited Edition Snow Day box is among these things! I ordered one for myself and when it arrived, I was so impressed with assortment of lifestyle products, I decided to send one to my mother as well. I'm waiting with baited breath for her to receive it!  Valued at $105, the box is priced at an amazing $39.  The items vary slightly per box in terms of color, flavor or scent.

Details on my haul:

MALIN+GOETZ Votive- Cannabis Scent
At first glance, I wrinkled my nose at the name. However! My first inhale revealed notes of fig and pepper- this little light is sophisticated! Moral of the story? Never doubt, always try!

Askinosie  Chocolate Single Origin Cocoa Powder
Fair trade and sourced from the Philippines, this rich cocoa is pitch perfect with warm milk, a little agave syrup and a pinch of sea salt. The company is nestled is Wisconsin, where I'd expect folks to know the importance of a good cup of cocoa on a chilly winter night!

Three Tarts Gourmet Marshmallows
In my world, cocoa isn't complete without a few bobbing marshmallows.  Three Tarts adds a delicious twist with flavors like Cinnamon and Rosemary Chocolate. I'm considering a field trip to the shop in  New York City's Chelsea neighborhood to pick up a few bags to give a hostess gifts. If you're not local to New York, you can purchase them directly from the Birchbox shop.

Chantecaille Flower Infused Cleansing Milk
Albeit a teeny tiny little sample, this gentle cleanser removes make-up and impurities with warm water. It's pleasant, but I'm not compelled to adopt it into my routine. I will enjoy packing it in my overnight bag the next time we take a brief getaway!

Chantecaille Jasmine & Lily Healing Milk
I have to get serious when it comes to moisturizers in the winter. I've actually resorted to massaging honey into my face and washing away after 10-15 minutes (a tip from a fresh faced 70 year old German colleague that works wonders!). Ergo, I'm always on the prowl for fantastic skin care products. The Jasmine and Lily Healing milk is formulated with pure rose water, which provides noticeable improvements in a single use. If you're in a mood to splurge and would like to avoid the sticky honey alternative, this one's for you.

Happy Socks Combed Cotton Crew Socks
There an no more than a half a dozen pairs of socks in my drawer (my shoe selection is dominated by a large population of pumps), but when I want them, I need them! Sweden-based Happy Socks offers scads of playful designs. The quality is fantastic and I'm thrilled to have them around to keep my little piggies toasty warm.

Jonathan Adler Fireplace Matches
In my eyes, Jonathan Adler is the bees knees in the world of vibrant entertaining patterns. I scored some great outdoor trays and bowls by way of our wedding registry that I use when entertaining on our terrace or roof deck. These fireplace matches are super long and contained in a sturdy and pretty tube. My husband super excited to use them to fire up the grill! And I'm super excited for him to grill for me!

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
I keep a tube of hand cream in my cube and in my handbag at all times. L'Occitane blends shea butter and vitamin E into a power couple that delivers love to your winter chapped hands. It's next in line to be tossed in my handbag when my current tube empties.

Mox Botanicals Matcha & Clementine Body Soak
I haven't had a chance to sample this product just yet, but the formula is rich matcha green hue and if it's anywhere as gorgeous as their lip butters, it's going to be a great thing.

S.W.  Basics Organic Lip Balm in Cinnamon
Five simple ingredients blend together to create this amazing balm. The cinnamon features cardamon in the formula, which is absolutely heavenly. It tastes like my Swedish mum's from scratch braided breads.

Scrabble Birchbox Edition Mini Game Set
Compact and equipped for two, this mini board is perfect for healthy dose of competition with your significant other and a bottle of velvety red wine.


Get your paws on a box for your self or gift to others! It would be great to break up into a handful of gifts as well. Available for a limited time at the Birchbox Shop.

18 November 2013

Discoveries: November GLOSSYBOX

If you're not familiar, GLOSSYBOX is a Berlin-based monthly subscription service that somewhat recently became available to US consumers. Each box contains five deluxe sample or full size luxury beauty brands and will set you back $22 (with tax). It's similar to Birchbox, but twice the price and 100% beauty focused. I'm (7) boxes into my relationship with Glossybox and feeling pretty good about the products I've received. I'm familiar with about 75% of the names and yet haven't received something I have previously purchased. Occasionally, I receive an item that isn't my flavor, but I have plenty of girlfriends happy to take it into their home.


Let's talk goodies. This month's Holiday Romance themed offerings include:

Emite Makeup-Micronized Eye Shadow in Dams Full Size $27 (Incl. in box!)
This highly pigmented black  is suited for a confident gal who loves a smokey eye on Friday nights out. I love the formula and I hope I'll use it. It's going to take patience and practice. I'll go ahead and admit it didn't go so well when I was testing it (easy breezy Naked 2 is my go-to palette and I haven't touched the black!).

The Aloe Source- Joboba Radiance Cleansing Polish Full Size $30
Gentle and effective, this cleanser removes make-up and impurities while exfoliating with soft beads. I will certainly use this product, but it doesn't compel me to replace my adored cleansing oil. It's better suited as a 1x/week cleanser.

Mastey- Color Protecting Leave-in Oil Full Size $25 (Incl. in box!)
At first glance, I wasn't exactly thrilled about the sample. I feel like I have too many products from this family crowding my bathroom. My fine hair only needs an itty bitty amount of protector per use. I decided to try the oil this morning, albeit a bit nervous to introduce an unknown to my hair on a Monday morning when I have early meetings. After normal wash, I applied a dime sized amount on my palm and worked it into the tips of my hair first, then throughout, inclusive of my roots. I blow dried and revealed soft, shiny hair. I'm impressed. This is one product I might actually purchase. Bonus: enter the promo "GLOSSYBOX" for a 20% discount.

Nicka K - New York Professional Eye Shadow Brush Full Size $5 (Incl. in box!)
Great brushes are typically expensive. At a reasonable $5, this ergonomically designed brush is crafted from pony hair and works like a charm! File under win.

Vincent Longo- Duo Eye Pencil Full Size $26 (Incl. in box!)
Although excited for the auburn and golden tips on this pencil, the promise of smoothly gliding on without tugging at the delicate eye area simply isn't accurate. The tips are scratchy swatched to hand and more abrasive to the eyes. If you're looking for a product along these lines, I'd recommend the Julep Kajal Eye Glider or Urban Decay Black Market pencils. They are exponentially smoother and provide amazing wear options.

Subscribe here!

14 November 2013

Cat Nap Cocoon

As a lover of cozy spaces, I can put my dog-person personality aside to appreciate these kitty cocoons. From Etsy shop Vaivanat, they are a crafted from "merino, wool, love, soap..."  and available in a variety of ombre and solid colors to compliment your kitty. Meow.
Prices vary $75-$85.

Western Wool & Leather Coasters

American hooch will sit pretty on these Western inspired coasters from Alder & Co. Crafted from leather and wool- they will hold up well over years of laughter and drips with friends. I'll take two.
Set of 4- $26.

Images: Alder & Co.

13 November 2013

Joie & Birchbox Event

Joie and Birchbox collaborated for an evening of shopping, bubbly and  Jouer beauty touch-ups  in Joie's Meatpacking District boutique yesterday! The scene had an essence of motion with guests and staffers jetting about the clean white displays and modern chandeliers. I snagged a glass of bubbly and considered the towers of colorful macarons.

Although I am familiar with the Los Angeles based clothier, I hadn't previously invested in any pieces.  Having perused the website the evening before, I had a half dozen Parisian-influenced items I was was hankering to drape over my body. The Soft line captured my heart with it's more casual and weekend designs.  A pretty staffer set me up in a vaulted ceiling dressing parlor with long curtains falling to the floor.

The collection thrives on slouchy, incredibly figure flattering pieces. I had a difficult time narrowing to just a few pieces to add to my wardrobe! Seriously ladies, if you don't have any Joie in your life, it's time to amend that!

I settled on the Tahari dress (above left) which features long sleeves and a subtly sexy gathering at the front of your thighs. I'm planning to wear this little python charmer this coming Saturday to a friend's cocktail party on the Lower East Side. As well, I couldn't resist the Uriel B sweater (above right) in charcoal. I'm wearing it today with oxblood wool cropped trousers!

Let's talk bonuses! Those who committed to any purchase received  a cool 20% discount, a $50 gift card to mailed to you during your birth month and a Birchbox.


I should start by mentioning that I already own or have received all of these items in previous Birchbox bundles! However, they are all favorites I'd love to have a spare or items that I  can throw into my gift box to assemble holiday, birthday, hostess or care packages on an ad hoc basis...

The low down on the beauty goodies:

Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Riviera & Monaco
These joboba formulated glosses apply more sheer than you'd expect, which aids complimenting a large variety of complexions. I have two in my vanity, inclusive of the Riviera. I was thrilled to receive a mini of an item that I already own and love. It's perfect to throw into my carry-on bag!
Full Size $20.

Birchbox Bobbi Pins
Over sized and clad in an exclusive Birchbox pattern, these are perfect to give to a friend or to keep in your arsenal of beauty fixes.
Sold Out- Shop these great alternatives.

Folle de Joie Parfume
The name appropriately translates to "crazy with joy" with sweet and calming citrus, cognac and woodsy floral notes.
Full Size $98.

Color Club Nail Lacquer in Apollo Star
I gravitated to this shade when I put together my custom Birchbox at the Birchbogger event! It's best described as shimmery moon dust and you should absolutely wear it when you go see Gravity.
Full Size $8.

12 November 2013


Photographer Zach Rose created a funny set of photo composites of humans with their dog's head. Check out the complete feature at abc News. I'm probably going to have to try this with my Pug, Pilgrim, at home (Have you liked him on Facebook? He's the bee's knees!).

Everlane Secret Garden

By private-invite, myself and my husband attended Everlane's Secret Garden viewing of the new Petra Collection in New York. The closed-lip Manhattan venue is revealed the day before your reserved hour. 

We tucked ourselves into a cab on Sunday evening and entered a shop. The gentleman at the door confirmed our names on the list and handed us each an Everlane card case with cards detailing the featured cocktails from Brooklyn bar The Exely.

Space heaters, plants, books and trinkets peppered the tiny space. A glass island centered the room with a display of Everlane wallets.

We trailed over to the bar and investigated our cards to decided on which cocktail suited our flavor. "You can try both," promised the bar keep.

And we did.

Albeit chilly inside the Secret Garden, the libations warmed our cores and the conversations with Everlane staffers and fellow patrons were laced with laughter.

More from Everlane: Cashmere, Tees and The Petra Collection. Read about Everlane's firm belief in transparency here.

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Lacquers

Lately, I've been a little addicted to Beauty Broadcast Express. There is something about her voice! It's comforting and her reviews are transparent. Who doesn't enjoy a little brain candy after a long day in the office? I have her to thank for my discovery of Revlon Parfumerie nail lacquers. The bottle appears to have taken a page from Ruffian's book with the black sphere applicator. Each shade from the collection matches to a scent.  The concept scented nail polish is a bit suspect to me, however, I was curious. I'm always curious!


My local Duane Reade focuses on displays of more high-end products (Cargo, theBalm etc) than the average drugstore, ergo, I was thrilled to find a new display for the Revlon Parfumerie nail lacquers in the store below my apartment building. I selected Autumn Spice, Italian Leather and Wintermint for to add to my collection.

I created swatches of each of my three shades of each to investigate the scent and opaqueness of each. During application, the classic strong smell of nail lacquer is present. However, as the swatches began to dry, the scents made themselves known.  I should note that I applied a top coat over two coats of each lacquer.

The Autumn Spice warm and pitch-perfect for November and the Italian leather more subtle, but certainly possessing a mild new leather scent.

Without surprise, the Wintermint is the most pronounced scent of my selection. I decided to paint the mermaid hue on my own nails as the pretty shimmer compliments my office attire well.  I did grow a little tired of minty hands last night, but the scent is subtle about 12 hours later.

Images: Top, middle and bottom-myself.

08 November 2013

Kate Spade Saturday + Birchbox Event

 It's  beautiful when two of your favorite things come together! Birchbox and Kate Spade Saturday co-hosted a beauty touch-up and shopping event in Saturday's pop-up shop yesterday evening!

The cozy Meatpacking District venue boasts bright and cheery pieces perfect for the holiday season. I snagged a Brooklyn ale and worked my way through the room carefully locating the items I had scouted out on Saturday's website (a good girl does her homework). With the assistance of a friendly staffer, I selected a cashmere-merino blend hoody in vibrant red and the Inside-Out Pocket Tote in Moss (images below).

Invitees were given cool 20% discount, a large zipper pouch (valued at $25) and a bonus Birchbox. The zipper pouch is coming with me to Budapest and Prague  later this month. It's pitch-perfect for packing toiletries while in transit and converting to clutch for dinners!

The bonus Birchbox...

Number 4 Fleur de Temps Body Lotion
Light and floral, the cream is perfect for day-time wear to nourish skin under the stress of winter air.
Full Size- $30.

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave in Conditioner
A top-seller at Birchbox, I had previously offered praise on this little miracle worker. The scent is laced with delicious vanilla and the formula instantly detangles and replenishes your strands. As I already have a bottle, I gave the sample to a friend last night. #moregood
Full Size $21.95.

Stila stay all day liquid lip stick in beso
This long-lasting color is highly pigmented and perfect for date nights. I've been embracing red lip shades lately, ergo: win!
Full Size $22.

Birchbox Bobby Pins
These over-sized pins feature a custom-design print and firm grip. I'm thrilled to have gotten my paws on a pair as they sold-out quickly.
N/A- Shop other beauties here.

Tocca Eau de Parfume in Florence
Everything from Tocca smells so good! I have been slowly savoring a tube of Tocca Florence lotion for several months now. The perfume is equally gorgeous Parisian perfume has notes of Italian Bergamot and and crushed violet petals.
Full Size $68.


Although I didn't stay long, I was excited to catch-up briefly with Birchbox co-founder Katia Beauchamp (of whom I had briefly met at the Birchbloggers meet-up) and discuss the items we picked out.

07 November 2013

Adirondack Squirrel Feeder

A colleague of mine has a pretty serious squirrel issue in his Catskills vacation home (the stories are pretty amusing... is it bad that I feel for the squirrels?).

Problem? Solution:

Coax the critters outside with this rad Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder. Crafted from heavy-duty metal, the feeder easily mounts to wooden surfaces. Check it out at Duncraft dot com.

2 Park Avenue Beau

Hello Handsome! Love at first sight! The kate spade 2 park avenue beau satchels have tucked themselves away in my wishlist. Maraschino or Sonia Purple? I can't decide...it's like where to brunch- I know every option will be wonderful, but I need to narrow to one!  So lovely and flirty with the structured design and over sized bow!

Cheese Chart

It's that lovely time of year when jewel tones, champagne and gift giving lace the evenings! An excellent cheese plate is a fantastic hostess' staple. Cupcakes & Cashmere created this gorgeous chart to create your own perfect pairings.

Tip: If you're local to New York City, you ought to check out Murray's Cheese in the Village or Grand Central Market- they create small and large trays of pairings (all you need is the vino!) My favorite is the Manchego, Quince & Marcona Almonds!

06 November 2013

Madeleines & Macaroons

Searching for a new love in your life? NYX Love in Paris Madeleines & Macaroons packs in nine well-pigmented neutral shadows in one cute sealed-with-a-bow palette! To boot, the shades feature an even mix of shimmers and mattes to maximize versatility. I found myself pleasantly surprised with the sponge applicator with duo  narrow and wide sides, which is soft and easier to work with than your typical set. I discovered mine at Nordstrom for $10, which includes your choice of three high-end free samples (think Tom Ford mini perfume, Aveda shampoo/conditioner and Sisley Paris mask!)

Image: Aquahearts