12 November 2013

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Lacquers

Lately, I've been a little addicted to Beauty Broadcast Express. There is something about her voice! It's comforting and her reviews are transparent. Who doesn't enjoy a little brain candy after a long day in the office? I have her to thank for my discovery of Revlon Parfumerie nail lacquers. The bottle appears to have taken a page from Ruffian's book with the black sphere applicator. Each shade from the collection matches to a scent.  The concept scented nail polish is a bit suspect to me, however, I was curious. I'm always curious!


My local Duane Reade focuses on displays of more high-end products (Cargo, theBalm etc) than the average drugstore, ergo, I was thrilled to find a new display for the Revlon Parfumerie nail lacquers in the store below my apartment building. I selected Autumn Spice, Italian Leather and Wintermint for to add to my collection.

I created swatches of each of my three shades of each to investigate the scent and opaqueness of each. During application, the classic strong smell of nail lacquer is present. However, as the swatches began to dry, the scents made themselves known.  I should note that I applied a top coat over two coats of each lacquer.

The Autumn Spice warm and pitch-perfect for November and the Italian leather more subtle, but certainly possessing a mild new leather scent.

Without surprise, the Wintermint is the most pronounced scent of my selection. I decided to paint the mermaid hue on my own nails as the pretty shimmer compliments my office attire well.  I did grow a little tired of minty hands last night, but the scent is subtle about 12 hours later.

Images: Top, middle and bottom-myself.

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Melanie Hanson said...

Love Beauty Broadcast Express! She knows her stuff and is still completely genuine and accessible.