12 November 2013

Everlane Secret Garden

By private-invite, myself and my husband attended Everlane's Secret Garden viewing of the new Petra Collection in New York. The closed-lip Manhattan venue is revealed the day before your reserved hour. 

We tucked ourselves into a cab on Sunday evening and entered a shop. The gentleman at the door confirmed our names on the list and handed us each an Everlane card case with cards detailing the featured cocktails from Brooklyn bar The Exely.

Space heaters, plants, books and trinkets peppered the tiny space. A glass island centered the room with a display of Everlane wallets.

We trailed over to the bar and investigated our cards to decided on which cocktail suited our flavor. "You can try both," promised the bar keep.

And we did.

Albeit chilly inside the Secret Garden, the libations warmed our cores and the conversations with Everlane staffers and fellow patrons were laced with laughter.

More from Everlane: Cashmere, Tees and The Petra Collection. Read about Everlane's firm belief in transparency here.


Loretta said...

wow. pretty awesome you got an invite! i just purchased the Petra. love it!

Keisha Rose said...

Ooohh which one did you purchase? I'm so in love with my market tote in kiwi!