26 November 2013

Tiossan + Birchbloggers Breakfast

I'm excited to share that I had the humbling and energizing experience of joining a group of bloggers hand selected by Tiossan founder Magatte Wade at Birchbox Headquarters in Manhattan. The breakfast was centered around learning about Tiossan's natural body care products, expanding our networks and taking a few items from the collection home to try and share our experiences with.


Magatte warmed the conference room as she entered with her absolutely glowing complexion and smile. She walked around to each attendee and shook our hands, asked our names and settled at the head of the table and suggested we go around the table once more to highlight our background.

Origins are of deep value to Magatte, which his how Tiossan came to be named; the word derives from her native Wolof language and translates to origins of culture and humanity.  She explained that she had collected countless beauty products and realized that she always found herself reaching for the small jar of paste made from the healing doctors in her native Senegal. She decided to develop products  that encapsulated her personal journey; integrating ancient Senegalese recipes, California Green Chemistry and Parisian fragrances.

Magatte also draws from her holistic approach to life by incorporating her social mission of improving educational opportunities for children of Senegal. Tiossan donates 10% of profits to the Bottle Mission Project, which builds mind-nurturing Montessori schools in Senegal.  The vision is to eventually set-up Tiossan's Operations in Senegal, bringing good jobs to the community and ultimately a world-class life style, with more options.

Let's talk products! Magatte detailed her formulas as containing three core ingredients:

Organic Aloe Vera, which brings oil to hydrate and water to moisturize the skin, unrefined Shea butter, which aids in keeping fatty acids in the skin and Black Seed Oil, which is considered a miracle seed in Arabic culture, "curing everything but death." Black seeds contain a strong anti-inflammatory agent which prevents you from losing the benefits of the aloe and Shea.

Magatte explained, "the body wash cleans you the way you should be cleaned....the scrub activates circulation, the emulsion is formulated to not be oily...if you look good, you'll feel strong- if you feel strong- you do great things. A woman's body that feels good will dazzle the world."


I came home with the body wash and body scrub (and later ordered the body lotion). I wanted to use the products for a handful of showers before lending my thoughts. I'm four bathing rituals in and feel energized about my new relationship with Tiossan: 

After moistening my skin from neck to toe, I applied a small amount (a little goes a long way) with circular motions into my skin, then cleansed with the body wash wash and patted dry. I moisturized with Whish body butter after (my Tiossan body lotion is still making its way to me in the mail).  It's been chilly in the city, ergo, the natural formula was a bit solid sitting in my apartment (with large, drafty windows) and took some patience to work with. Bathing is one of the things that I enjoy taking my time with, welcoming the process. It's a truly decadent feeling to give your body time to relax and focus on nourishing.

This musky scented formula could easily be used by my husband as well. The consistency isn't thick, which lends it be  easily blended into your favorite gentle loofah for cleansing the body. The scent fills the shower well, without being overbearing. 

The wind and chill of winter have met their match. My skin has not shown the regular stress that I see as the air drys and drops well below freezing temperatures. The most obvious benefit that I noticed was that I wasn't needing to reapply hand lotion throughout the day. My skin looks healthy and youthful. I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts on the body lotion and trying the bars as well!

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