23 August 2013

Whish & Birchbox

Birchbox and Whish came together this past Tuesday for an evening of skin pampering,  fun conversation and wine! I must admit I was a wee bit exhausted juggling projects at work- but the moment I rolled out of the cab and was handed a pretty glass, I was in my element.

Having received the blueberry shaving cream and coconut body scrub in Birchbox goody assortments- I was familiar with the Whish line- but admittedly, not quite sold on integrating the products into my regimen. After a foot scrub/massage and corresponding hand treatment, I headed back to the front of the salon to chat up the Whish rep. She hooked me on the coconut self tanning moisturizer with spf 20 (la la lovely Hamptons tan is being extended through the Fall!), coconut serum (luscious!), deodorant wipes (long haul plane ride savers!) and lemongrass sugar scrub (to share with my husband!). I'm a wee bit obsessed with the yummy scents, natural and nourishing (read: AGE DEFYING!) ingredients and gorgeous simple packaging.

To boot,  event guests were offered a bonus Birchbox favor with lavender shave cream, coconut scrub and after shave balm. I'm completely in love with the lavender! After a few days of use, I ordered the full size cream at Birchbox! It's warm, succulent and a tad bit spicy.

Read more about Whish and shop the delicious line here.

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