27 August 2013

anatomicals: spray misty for me

Lately, I've been big on facial spritzers. Summer heat, low-moisture air flights and winter chills all have their way with your skin (and I have sensitive skin to boot!). I've found that a few sprays, a few times a day, can refresh my face to a dewy, healthy glow.

Although I've recently committed to Tacha as my go-to facial mist, I discovered anatomicals spray misty for me by way of my August Glossybox (kudos, best box I've received yet with all bases covered: hair, lips, eyes, face). At first glance, I wasn't exactly thrilled. Truth be told, I judge a book by its cover and the branding just isn't for me. However, I'll try anything twice.

I tested the spray over the last week and have to grown to love it. With soothing lavender and peppermint extracts and healing rose, the formula offers a quick replenishing quality without disrupting make-up.

Read more about anatomicals here. They only want you for your body.

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