31 July 2009

Can we discuss? Terry Richardson

It's the tail end of Friday night in Manhattan...I'm sipping on Champagne and considering stepping out for a drink momentarily. My roomie spotted Terry Richardson on Spring Street. I thought I'd revisit a handful of favorites...

I know. Right?

City Sounds: You are my new love.

A colleague introduced me to City Sounds, an online set of play lists, specific to major metropolitan areas. This is my new love. LISTEN HERE. I'm currently on Stockholm.

Thomas & Mole

Image by: Englishman Arthur S. Mole and his American colleague John D. Thomas.

In 1918, Arthur S. Mole photographed soldiers returning from the war. The soldiers were made to stand in formation of American icons. As highlighted by Arthur's great nephew Joseph Mole, "In the picture of the Statue of Liberty there are 18,000 men: 12,000 of them in the torch alone, but just 17 at the base. The men at the top of the picture are actually half a mile away from the men at the bottom"

View all at UK Telegraph.

30 July 2009

Citadel: World's First Floating Apartment Complex

In an effort to embrace Holland's geographic feat of being mostly below sea-level, the Citadel has been introduced. The floating complex is 25% more energy efficient and reduces the risk of flooding.

via: Gizmado

Jorge Colombo's Weekly iPhone Sketch: The Union Rat!

The inflatable rat has been in front of my apartment building for the past three months. Earlier this week, I noticed that he'd been moved across the street. Now it's Deutsche Bank's problem. Concierge is pleased.

28 July 2009

a lunch at Eamonn's

After a hectic morning in the office, I took the pleasure of lunch with Martin at his favored post-office spot, Eamonn's Irish Bar & Grill. We settled into a lovely table upstairs to sip on Saratoga (which I much prefer to Pellegrino!) while we mulled over the menu. The selections are fairly typical of a Midtown Irish pub, but the decor and service was a bit more upscale than a dive- an unexpected treated considering the exterior.

We decided to share a few dishes: Endive Salad with Blue Cheese and the Crab Cake. I felt that both dishes exceeded my expectations. The endive was fresh, crisp and mingling with chunks of tart blue cheese. The lump crab to bread crumb/filler ratio was reasonable and well matched to the cucumber/red pepper/corn salsa. The tartar sauce exhibited a from scratch quality.

We punctuated out dishes with espresso, which held it's punch without souring until the last sip. I must divulge: I am quite impressed with the prompt service which exhibited an attention to detail and anticipation of need.

Image: Flickr Eff Two For A Week's

Hotel Juvet: a reason to be in Norway.

I have a bit of an affection for the Juvet Hotel in Norway.

27 July 2009

Lunaphoto (Love).

Wouldn't you love to have photos like these taken of you and someone you like to squeeze?

marlene ohlsson (daily inspiration)

Another day of thunderstorms in the city and I have Marlene Ohlsson's portfolio on my mind. The above photos are selections from her Roger Weber Fashion project.

Bar Veloce

Between two bits of pestering rain, I settled into Bar Veloce for a glass of wine before heading to a terrace party to meet the writers of Wined&Dined. The scene is on par with Bar Jamon, with well-dressed bar keeps, small plates and gorgeously executed service.

Image: Flickr Ata08

Light Bite at Aquamarine

Midtown East-Murray Hill always feels a bit: sterile, to me. I stepped through the cool AC-infused dining room and settled into the bar at Aquamarine. The less than polished Bulgarian bar keep poured a few Lychee Cucumber Martinis and stepped aside as I considered the flavors: sweet, syrupy lychee, well cut vodka and mellow cucumber. The cocktail offers a subtle sweetness and encouraging texture. After a few more, I was introduced to the Sashimi Salsa by my company. A gorgeous little plate consisting of: shrimp, snow crab assembled in the claw, firm octopus and white fish in a chili vinaigrette. I could make a little home in these flavors. The fish proved excellence with freshness and preparation. The bar keep poured shots for all those at the bar, took them and we stumbled out to a cab.

Image: Agoda

23 July 2009

Looking Into The Past (from Jason Powell)

Isn't Jason Powell clever?

View more on his Flickr.

This belongs in my kitchen.

Make gyoza at home! According to a press release, this gadget will be available in Japan on Saturday! Simply place the outer casing and ingredients on the rotating wheel and give it a turn. It's marvelous. As if you needed another reason to love the Japanese culture.

via Tokyo Mango

22 July 2009

Buy Bradford's Book.

I've expressed my love for Bradford's work before. And now there is a book. I'm planning to purchase mine after August rent. Before new SLR. And for Christmas presents in the future.

Image: Bradford Robotham

Mapping the Forbidden Outside World

Vintage Japanese map from 1850 reflecting a flawed, but general idea of the world continents. As a mark of confidence, the Japanese archipelago has been positioned in the center of the map. The translation of world geography stems from the Official Japanese Policy set in 1640 to be a closed country. Read further details at Strange Maps.

thunder battery, a mobile series

hardware & skivvies



21 July 2009

Crips and Bloods: Made In America

The opening sequence of this documentary had me gasping for air. I spent some time living in California and later in Seattle remember the fear infused in the fellow denizens when it was rumored that gang members from the Crips were being relocated to the Pacific Northwest mecca in an attempt to defuse conflicts. The statistics are staggering: 15,000 gang related deaths in Los Angeles in the past twenty years.

You can watch it on Netflix instant.

The Black Issue, Vogue Italia

In July 2008, Vogue Italia featured The Black Issue, which featured only black models. The glossy was a smashing success, selling out in many newsstands. This July, Kristin McMenamy is featured on the cover and their is a gorgeous feature on black Barbies.

Finger Painting: Penn Station

Jorge Colombo's talent with the Brushes application for the iPhone has become a regular feature on The New Yorker online. Penn Station caught my eye this afternoon.

20 July 2009

Doyer's Vietnamese

Let's be honest, the sketchier the joint looks in Chinatown, the better (and usually) more wallet friendly the food is. Throw in year-round Christmas decorations: approaching perfection.

We ordered delivery tonight:

Timing: roughly 20 minutes to Wall Street during peak dinner hours.

Taro Smoothies: Cool and refreshing. Expected flavor and consistency.

Spring Rolls: Flavorful, engaging texture and well matched to the dipping sauce.

Grilled Beef and Rice Noodles: lean meat with crunchy peanuts.

Lemon Grass Chicken and Rice Noodles: hearty and satisfying.

Both rice noodle dishes concealed a delicious bed of basil, mint, braised carrots and cucumbers. We are both satisfied. I was unable to finish my dish without sharing with my Pug.

Photo: GO NYC

More on Doyers: Yelp.

Lynann Colligan: makes me crave Iceland.

I'd like to be here right now.
Peruse her other lovely Iceland photographs at her Etsy Shop.

joy grass connecticut

self portrait