27 July 2009

Light Bite at Aquamarine

Midtown East-Murray Hill always feels a bit: sterile, to me. I stepped through the cool AC-infused dining room and settled into the bar at Aquamarine. The less than polished Bulgarian bar keep poured a few Lychee Cucumber Martinis and stepped aside as I considered the flavors: sweet, syrupy lychee, well cut vodka and mellow cucumber. The cocktail offers a subtle sweetness and encouraging texture. After a few more, I was introduced to the Sashimi Salsa by my company. A gorgeous little plate consisting of: shrimp, snow crab assembled in the claw, firm octopus and white fish in a chili vinaigrette. I could make a little home in these flavors. The fish proved excellence with freshness and preparation. The bar keep poured shots for all those at the bar, took them and we stumbled out to a cab.

Image: Agoda

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