20 July 2009

Doyer's Vietnamese

Let's be honest, the sketchier the joint looks in Chinatown, the better (and usually) more wallet friendly the food is. Throw in year-round Christmas decorations: approaching perfection.

We ordered delivery tonight:

Timing: roughly 20 minutes to Wall Street during peak dinner hours.

Taro Smoothies: Cool and refreshing. Expected flavor and consistency.

Spring Rolls: Flavorful, engaging texture and well matched to the dipping sauce.

Grilled Beef and Rice Noodles: lean meat with crunchy peanuts.

Lemon Grass Chicken and Rice Noodles: hearty and satisfying.

Both rice noodle dishes concealed a delicious bed of basil, mint, braised carrots and cucumbers. We are both satisfied. I was unable to finish my dish without sharing with my Pug.

Photo: GO NYC

More on Doyers: Yelp.

1 comment:

CommuterBitch said...

mmm I love Taro Smoothies let's order from Doyer's to my hotel room when i visit k?