30 August 2012

Fringe Boots

With Labor Day Weekend upon us, I can't help but think about boots for the Autumn season. Available in five colors, these puppies by Sam Edelman are on my wishlist!

Pretty Ring

I love the imperfections in this pretty ring from Turkish designer Gaye Doser. Visit the Etsy shop here...it's full of beautiful pieces for a night out with the gals

29 August 2012

Pet Goldfish Garbage Bags

In New York City, porters are required to categorize refuse in specific colored bags. Wouldn't it be more fun if these Pet Goldfish bags were mandated?

Is this seat taken?

 Read more here.

Do you remember this Koala asking for water?

27 August 2012

bare minerals

I've made a commitment to be better to my skin. During my research, I read about bareMinerals. I picked up a starter kit at Sephora and tried it out this weekend. It's completely amazing! The make-up is light and flawless- it makes your face happy!

Sail La Vie Dress

Oh, how lovely! The Sail La Vie dress by Eva Franco is perfect for gallivanting around the Hamptons on the weekends.

24 August 2012

Do What You Love

I love this simple and important message! Purchase the clay brooch from madamaRobe....and remind yourself and others you encounter to do what you love!

Rose-y Bathroom

How completely and utterly lovely is this bathroom with oversized tub and rose tiled walls? Swoon.

23 August 2012

Wine Sippy Cup

There is really only one way to describe these wine sippy cups from The Product Farm: pure genius. I mean, can I get one of these in my Christmas stocking, pleasssse?

Faded Pink Jeans

With September rapidly approaching, I find myself clinging to the last of summer with brights and whites. From Cheap Monday, these two-town pink jeans fade to white at your paws. Love! Find them at Karma Loop.

Gold & Pink Ring

 I cannot resist writing about Jennifer Miller jewelry twice in one week! I have been seeking a pretty silver chain link bracelet for a while and snagged one from their sale section. I am deeply impressed with the transaction...the bracelet came beautifully packaged via FedEx Ground (free!) and was sitting with my doorman in less than 48 hours.
The pieces are eclectic and pretty- perfect for building out your personal collection. This over sized gold plated oval ring is high on my wish list. While Carole Raziwill is my favorite New York Housewife, I must admit Aviva Drescher is bang on with her jewelry choices.

22 August 2012

KIND Maple Walnut Clusters

I keep granola or cereal in my cubical for tossing into Greek yogurt or afternoon snacking. When I discovered KIND Maple Walnut Clusters, I was pretty excited, as I'm a faithful consumer of their fruit and nut bars.  It's tasty, crunchy and filling.  Check it out at Kind Snacks dot com.

Clever Beer Packaging

French designer Petit Romain designed this square Heineken bottle, which enables easy stacking of your brews. Genius! I'm always rearranging the fridge to accommodate our bottles. Read more at Toxel.

Effen Cucumber Cocktail

My husband brought me home a bottle of Effen Cucumber Vodka last week. I thought it might be fantastic for a Bloody Mary, but was craving something a bit more refreshing last night. I rummaged around the kitchen and created what I'm dubbing the Cucumber Citrus Refresher:

2 oz Effen Cucumber (pre-chilled in freezer)
2 oz Club Soda
1/2 Lemon
1 tsp Agave Nectar
3-4 Ice Cubes

Squeeze lemon into a shaker, add agave, ice and vodka. Shake. Pour into a glass, add soda, stir.

21 August 2012

Everlane Tees

Do you splurge on your basics? I feel like I've won the lottery when I find luxury tees in the piles at Nordstrom Rack. I discovered Everlane today. The company takes out the middle man to give you luxury feel, without the price tag. For $15-25 dollars, your skin will love you. Check it out here.


China-born photographer Zhao Huasen has created a funny set of images with folks pedaling through the air with only the shadows of the their bicycles. Titled Floating, you can check out the series here.

Pretty Earrings

Aqua is the color of the moment! From Jennifer Miller, these pretty gold-plated pear drop earrings are perfect for a Friday in the office and transitioning into date night.

20 August 2012

Onna Ehrlich Rachel Hobo

One thing I simply could not live without? Carry-alls. Due to an unfortunate pen-leak, I had to eventually part with my favorite grey pocketbook. I stumbled across this AMAZING deal at Livingsocial.... $179 for the Onna Ehrlich Rachael Hobo (regulary $650!). As carried by Cameron Diaz,  Mila Kunis Halle Berry and also seen in the Oprah Magazine and one of my guilty pleasures GCB.  Treat yourself here.

Big Head Squirrel Feeder

It's been my experience, that folks are generally discouraged from feeding thesquirrels. However, this Big Head Squirrel Feeder made me laugh and might be in my Dad's stocking this Christmas:)

Honey Sesame Pistacho Macarons

Macarons are my favorite dessert. I'm always on the hunt for a new tempting flavor, however pistachio will always be closest to my heart. Etsy shop sweetsarahartisancon is offering a fun honey sesame touch the classic.

Ceramic Spice Servers

Here's a pretty way to spice-up or sweeten at the table! I love the friendly yellow color and imperfect shapes of these ceramic dishes. View more at RossLab.

16 August 2012

Lipstick Flask

Having your lady pals over for cocktails any time soon? I'm digging this lipstick flask, which let's face it, is the best way to shake-up your Skinnygirl Vodka.

French Hen Sweater

J.Crew Fall Fashion has landed. I'm salivating over this French Hen sweater. Tres chic, n'est-ce pas?

15 August 2012


Do you have a plethora of awesome Instagram shots stored on your iPhone? Are they magnet-worthy awesome? Stickygram can make that happen. At $14.99 (free shipping!) for nine, it's time to give your fridge a make-over.

Piggy Corn Holders

I don't prepare corn often, but these cute Piggy Corn Holders may have to change that. On sale for $7 (set of four) at Sur La Table, they are hard to resist!

Found: Outblush.

14 August 2012

"Teddy The Asshole Cat"

We all have moments where we wish we could take Teddy's lead. Don't deny it!

Urbancase Sidebar

What swank! From designers Darin Montgomery and Trey Jones, the Urbancase Sidebar in Walnut is a handsome fella. You can find it at Horne.

13 August 2012

Humans of New York

I'm completely absorbed in Humans of New York. Created by photographer Brandon Stanton, the project is focused on creating a photographic census of New York City. He set out to take 10,000 portraits of the city's inhabitants. The funny thing is, I recognize a number of the folks featured. Even in a city of over 8 million, the world feels small:)

Shades of Grey

I tend to wear a lot of grey - it's neutral, versatile and hides Pug hair:) The Shades of Grey nail polish set from Julep is lovely and will transition well-manicured paws through the seasons.

Gradient Ombre Tights

From XSilk, these gradient ombre tights in vibrant purple have some serious va va voom!

10 August 2012

Stone Drink Dispenser

With the weekend commencement just a handful of hours away, I can't help but think of enjoying a cocktail with my husband and our Pug. Isn't this stone drink dispenser something? Now we just need a terrace and some lounge chairs...

Roald Dahl's Cookbook

Reading Roald Dahl's books during childhood felt like a right of passage. It's pretty exciting that he also has cookbook built around his story characters, memories from childhood and inspiration from spending time at home with his family. Find it on Amazon...wishlisted!

Camel Bracelet

Perfect for stacking with other bracelets and pairing with a jewel-toned dress, I'm smitten with this gold camel bracelet from Julie Collection.

09 August 2012

Dandelion Tattoo

My mother made me promise that I would never get a tattoo- but I've always sort of wanted to get one.  I probably would have, if I felt strongly enough about a symbol and wasn't terrified of sitting through the application. How cool is this dandelion blowing in the wind? Get this: it's temporary! No pain, no permanent.  stain! Check it out at Dottinghill Temporary Tattoo Platform.