08 August 2012

Amazing Simple Salsa

I look forward to tomato season every year...and according to the New York Times, we are experiencing  particularly excellent produce this particular year. Homesick Texan offers a recipe with just a handful of ingredients: tomatoes, jalapeno, garlic, salt and pepper: 

>Turn on broiler
>Line a skillet w/ tin foil and arrange your tomatoes, jalapeno and garlic
>Broil for (5) minutes
>Remove jalapeno and garlic and place in blender.
>Broil tomatoes for an additional (5) minutes.
>Add tomatoes to blender w/ any juices formed in pan.
>Add 1/4 cup water to blend.
>Add salt/pepper to taste.
>Blend, cool and serve with your favorite chips.

Note: more water can be added, if you prefer thinner salsa.

via: A Cup of Jo.

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