31 January 2012


I'm a wee bit obsessed with these planters! Word on Pinterest is that you can find them at Anthropologie.

kissing clothes pins

Such a cute craft idea! Did your Mums dry your clothes outside when you were kiddos? (Pinterest)

Pail & Shovel Charm

Whilst perusing gifts for my absolutely amazing Maid of Honor, I found this charm that I would like for myself! If I was without wedding expeneses, I would go for it. So much fun! (Tiffanys)

Duck Walk Blueberry Port

We discovered Duck Walk Vineyards Blueberry Port this past weekend! Made from Maine blueberrys and exhibiting classic ripe fruit flavors, it's absolutely stunning.

Psst...you don't need to venture to Long Island, you can purchase it online at the Hamptons Wine Shoppe.

30 January 2012

Champagne Cap Mini Chairs

These made me smile. I now know what to do with all the bottles we pop :) Thanks Cristina, via Pinterest.


Although my brother and I had our own bedrooms growing up, he scored bunkbeds for sleep overs. I love these photographed above...they have shelves and private desks to the sides! Clever! (Apartment Therapy)

Martina Suede Wedges

Love at first sight: Martina Suede Wedges in Persimmon. Purchase at J.Crew.

Sheep Measuring Cups

I was looking for measuring cups to add to our registry this weekend and couldn't find anything that I was particularly fond of. Coincidently, I stumbled across these adorable Sheep Measuring Cups. Wishlisted!

28 January 2012

a lunch at Ruvo- Long Island

We ventured up to Long Island this morning to meet with a handful of wedding vendors! After tucking those away, we had a wine tasting at Pindar and settled in at Ruvo for lunch. The space is divided into a few narrow rooms and one open plan for private parties. Arranging ourselves at the bar, we took in the peppering of couples with thick Long Island accents.

Absolutely ravenous, we immediately requested an order of the Maryland style crab crakes with braised lentil salad and chive- whole grain mustard sauce. While they had great portion of filler ingredients, the crab flavor was present and the braised lentils well- paired.

For our mains, Chris selected the chicken parma sandwich on crusty baguette with greens, myself the Diver scallops pea shoots, carrot-ginger sauce and duck risotto. Despite being a bit overcooked, the scallops were massive and tasty. The duck risotto was the star- a gorgeous balance of creamy thick risotto with buttery duck.

The venue is definitely a consideration for the rehearsal dinner!

27 January 2012

Moroccan Tea Glasses

Bright and pretty, I'm digging these Moroccan tea glasses.  Find yours at Alder & Co.

Infinity Knot Mesh Bracelet

A sweet gesture, the Infinity Knot Mesh Bracelet would translate well into different seasons! View more ideas for your honey here.

26 January 2012

Tiny Arrows

How sweet are these Tiny Arrows earrings? Which color would you get? I can't decide, they are all so lovely! Perhaps the white:) Purchase them here.

Household Merit Badges

These made me laugh. How fun! Perhaps next time we get a group together to share a Summer house in the Hamptons, or a Winter house in Vermont- everyone gets a role!

(Apartment Therapy)

beach scene

I'm enamored with this photo...it takes me back to the handful of childhood years I lived in Monterey, CA.

Memory Bouquet

Here's a sweet way to remember your Grandparents that have passed on your wedding day.

(Intimate Weddings dot com)

Thanks for the tip... my lovely Maid of Honor!

25 January 2012

mini pies

Desperate Housewives is one of my guilty pleasures...I love playing it on my Macbook while I make Chris' lunch for the next day or dinner. This evening, Bree Hodge baked a gorgeous tart while guzzling a bottle of wine. I couldn't help but think, "It would be nice to have a big kitchen and all the things to  a bake pie."

Then again, we're a household of two (and Pug!). I usually bring most of what I bake to the office. The mini pies cookbook may be a great way to try new recipes for two...and pug :)

Society6 iPhone Cases

These iPhone cases from Society6 are so lovely, I'm not sure which one I'd like!

Baked Potato Bar

I'm making dinner tonight...how tempting is this baked potato bar? Yum! (Pinterest)

24 January 2012

Eat Me First

I often find myself checking the dates to ensure we shouldn't be devouring something nearing its date in the fridge (and feeling a pang of disappointment when I haven't properly rotated!) How clever is the Eat Me First basket? It's the perfect way to alert my fiance of which cheese or sausage he should be slicing up!


SOMM Documentary Trailer 1 from Forgotten Man Films on Vimeo.

How much do you know about wine? I know that I enjoy sipping it and learning about different varieties whilst visiting vineyards. My future in-laws must have noticed...they gave us a wine fridge for Christmas and a subscription to Wine Spectator (addressed to my married name!)

I'm looking forward to viewing Somm, a documentary which follows the stories of four sommeliers in their journey to pass the highly banded Master Sommelier exam.

23 January 2012

Trophy Husband Tee

This tee shirt made me laugh. My charming, hilarious and handsome fiance would fit into it well! 82 days til our wedding :)

(Gifting Grace)

a lunch at Wall Street Spa 88

We decided to take advantage of a Travelzoo offer we purchased during our lovely day away from the the office! Just a stones throw from our apartment, Wall Street Spa 88 is a sexyish Russian-Turkish bath with all the amenities you need for a relaxing day. The walls are lined with shelfs of Matryoshka dolls, a receptionist with a little white dog on her lap and modest restaurant. Our offer included full day access to the spa amenities and a three-course lunch with glass of wine.
The server brought us -generous- glasses of red wine and hearty house-baked bread with butter.
To begin, we selected the tomato salad and avocado with fresh lemon, dill, Bulgarian pepper and scallions. Both were quite refreshing, the avocado a little more appealing, as the tomatoes weren't in peak season.

For our soup course, I chose the Harcho (lamb) and Chris, the mushroom barley. The Harcho took the cake with  massive hunks of delicious moist lamb! As we sipped our soup, a pot bellied man in nothing but a towel entered the dining room for a drink (other cultures!). It was quite amusing adjacent to the small business crowd.

For our mains, Chris requested the meatballs with rice served with house cut fries, myself the tilapia with buckwheat. Our portions were generous and the flavors balanced. I was impressed with the fish, which had a citrus glaze and roasted apple, zucchini and carrots on the side.

I'd love to return to dine again- as well soak in the bath!

22 January 2012

Gifting Grace: Cheese Knife Set

My Mum's birthday is in a few weeks. As per my usual protocol, I'm over thinking what I should gift her! I'm leaning towards a sexy cheese gift basket or cheese of the month club, however Gifting Grace has some excellent selections...including this cheese knife set! It's quite reasonable (I'm on a budget with our upcoming wedding!) How fabulous is Gifting Grace? The filtering options are spot-on.

21 January 2012

Billy Button Wedding Accents

I'm looking for ideas I love to email to our wedding florist! I'm sweet on Billy Buttons...aren't these lovely?

20 January 2012

Octopus Plate

I would love to serve finger sandwiches to guests on this Octopus plate....find it here.

1000 Pugs


Vintage Fox

I love furry critters...but I admit also love wearing fur. My grandmother offered me her mink scarf from the 1940's, noting "I had the feet removed." I politely declined, but I wonder: would you wear this? I found these...they are stunning.

Handful of Heart Gloves

Here's a sweet gift for your girlfriends on Valentines Day! These would actually be pretty simple to make, instead of the traditional doily Valentines! If you're not a crafty person,  buy them at Etsy.

Design Studio 210

I'm a wee bit obessed with this space. It's fresh, modern and full of well-contrasted textures!  (Design Studio 210)

19 January 2012

Heart Cup & Saucer Set

Have you lady pals over for tea in these Heart Cup & Saucers. Aren't they sweet? All you need is cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off. I'm very tempted to buy these for myself!

Sh*t New Yorkers Say

The hilarious truth! Thanks Shanna!

Double Dish

Wonder what to do with your pits or pistachio shells no more! The Double Dish from Spoon Sisters has you covered. I wonder if I can register for this on Bloomingdales?

Brackett, WI

This song made me smile.

18 January 2012

Amazing Photos of 1980's New York City

Gothamist featured 14 photos of 1980's New York City today. Don't they look post-apocalytic? You can see the Twin Towers in the left corner of the top image. View them all here.

Potato & Onion Storage Baskets

Do you keep staple items in your home? I usually have potatoes and onions...which live in the veggies drawer. These baskets from the Gardener's Supply Company are modeled after designs which have been used in Europe for centuries! They fill from the top, are breathable to elongate the life of your potatoes/onions and dispense  from a pocket below.

If not a gift basket of artisinal cheeses, these will be my mother's birthday present!+

17 January 2012

Vanessa Jackman London

How lovely is this ensemble? I would like every piece...it's perfect for meeting gal pals for an iced Americano! (Vanessa Jackman)

Creminelli Wild Boar Salumi

In our home, we're serious about cured meats and cheese. Isn't is important to always have wine, cheese and cured meats to entertain guests? I'm tempted to order this Creminelli Wild Boar Salumi. Yum! Check out more goodies at venissimo cheese.

Delfonics Pens & Pencils

I have a sweet spot for pens and pencils. I tend to prefer simple designs, like the cheap econo packs of Bic Medium point... but how sexy are these hexagonal shaped ball point pens and pencils from Japanese designer Delfonics? They come in your choice of yellow, white, red or wood.

a brunch at Ngam

Despite the 15 degree chill, we decided to walk from our Financial District apartment, to Union Square, for brunch and errands. Plan A (Side Bar) was a bust- overridden with Ravens fans. We decided to push on towards the East Village. 

Ngam's otherwise uunassuming entry caught my eye with a chalkboard offering unlimited cocktails with brunch. The space is industrial and open with exposed brick and piping and modern art accents.  We were immediately greeted with a warm smile and led to a cozy table for two in the back.

The menu is fusion of Thai and modern comfort food dishes. The complimentary cocktails are Soju-based. We tried all three: bloody Mary, mochatini and Thai Tea Martini. These are absolutely stunning libations crafted with attention to detail and impossibly fresh ingredients.

 For our entree selections, Chris requested the Thai-tea soaked French toast with a side of caramelized bacon, myself the steak and eggs. The eggs were whipped with Thai basil and the chef's take on hash browns: julienned and braised sweet potato. While these dishes sound heavy, we felt pleasantly content and by no means weighed down.

As we exited, the chef introduced herself to us. Kudos also to our server. She was quite attentive, without hovering and had a clear love for the restaurant. This is our new spot. We'll be back in the near future.