25 July 2010

a brunch at SideBAR

This weekend I learned that it's illegal in New York to sell or serve booze before noon on Sundays. A law, which I probably shouldn't have had to have learned at 11am this past Sunday. Let's be fair: shopping at Trader Joe's in Union Square is much more palatable after a Bloody Mary (I have been called an "Uptown bitch" by an elderly woman before, to which I corrected, "I live Downtown.")

I decided to waste some time before noon, a pursuit, which was quite fruitful, as I discovered East Village Cheese. Ready to seek a little shelter from the heat, I noticed the door to SideBAR was open. About a year ago, I had a deeply satisfying brunch with one of the best Bloody Mary recipes I've encountered. The story goes that the chef believes the cocktail should be treated like a food, and therefor is prepared with a consistency comparable to gazpacho.

At 11:45am, the overtly friendly bar keep welcome me in for a cocktail. Win. After pouring my drink, he continued to labor over a chalkboard selling the brunch prix fixe special: $20 all you can drink bloody mary/mimosa with an entree. I'll give it a go. I did walk here from the Southern most tip of Manhattan, and my stomach was grumbling (a dangerous combo when grocery shopping). I requested the BLT with hand cut fries. The sandwich is spot on for a hot day with extra crispy bacon, mescalin, ripe tomatoes and spicy mayo. Other choices included a burger, chocolate chip pancakes and a bagel with lox and cream cheese.
I also recommend the attached restaurant, Vintage Irving, for small plates and wine.

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