25 July 2010

Backyard Chicken- Financial District

I'm rarely in the Financial District during business hours- a detail which has segregated my desire to try Backyard Chicken, from my reality- until last week! A bit groggy, I decided to stay home to sleep. In nursing myself back to health, comfort food seemed appropriate. Roasted chicken is a good alternative to chicken noodle soup, right? Kind of like having a rice crispy treat for breakfast, because it's made from cereal?

For six dollars, you are given 1/4 of a roasted chicken with two sides and lemonade. For fifty cents more, you can get an additional side (you won't need it, unless you're sharing). I chose the mashed potatoes with gravy and mac n' cheese- if you're going the comfort food route, you might as well go big with the carbs. The mashers could have been creamier, but the edition of dill was a pleasant surprise. The mac- not too greasy and reasonably flavorful. However, the chicken, wasn't anything to write home about. The meat was dry (that's pretty hard to do when you leave the skin on, which they do in their preparation). My pug was much less discriminatory.

Images: Midtown Lunch

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