05 July 2010

a brunch at Sarabeth's Kitchen- Central Park South

Much praise surrounds Sarabeth's Kitchen- my company chirped for three days about the mimosas, the omelets and the sausage. We headed Uptown to the Central Park South location, with a much needed 11:15am reservation. Although there are charming outdoor tables overlooking the horse carriages circling Central Park- the 96 degree morning pledged the well-chilled dining room. Zebra stripes, robin's egg blue and ladies in floral prints decorated the vast dining rooms...which seemed to continue to flow into the next endlessly.

Our group of three had the unfortunate fate of being seated at a table for two- a detail we managed to overlook as the cocktail server offered us mimosas before our derrieres landed on the chaises. We selected a Bellinis and pear mimosas served in slightly over sized champagne flutes. We also sipped coffee, which had the consistently of a French press preparation.

For sustenance, we had the goat cheese and spinach omelet with a pumpkin-sunflower seed muffin side, the Gruyere omelet with toast and Sarabeth's signature preserves, and I chose the Popeye eggs- scrambled and served on three house-made English muffin halves, black forest ham and sauteed spinach. The baked goods are absolutely superior. I do not think that I can do a store-bought English muffin with the same enthusiasm, post-Sarabeth's exposure. We shared a few sides of chicken sausage with apricot jam- soft and wonderfully spiked with an Autumn spice (nutmeg? cinnamon?), they were well suited to the massive heaps of egg whites on our plates.

Images: from Sarabeth's website. I could improve these for them...I'm tempted to contact and offer!

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