25 July 2010

a dinner at Brasserie Les Halles

I decided to give Brasserie Les Halles a second chance. To be honest, I would have happily dined the first time, however, my company seemed offended by the lack of air conditioning. With a bit of a buzz from Bar Seven Five, we were easily comfortable with a table crammed amongst others in the middle of traffic. We sipped a few glasses of sauvignon blanc and nibbled on bread with unsalted butter while debating the menu. There must have been a bit of confusion between the servers on whose territory we were in, but they seemed to get a handle on it after the third inquiry on whether or not we'd like something to drink (to which we held back smirks as we pointed out the wine sitting before us).

For dinner, we decided to share a few plates. A favored practice of mine, and the company I keep, it seems. Moules frites were a clear choice. Among the selections, the Portugeus were the most appealing with garlic, cilantro, white wine, chorizo and tomato. We also requested the Merguez, a lovely soft Moroccan lamb sausage with dressed greens and frites. The dishes were lively with spices and complimented by mountains of frites- which I requested a a side of mayo, as well ketchup for dipping- when in Rome!

Images: NYC Go

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