17 July 2010

Eton Take-Away

From Asiate alum Eton Chan, this eponymous Carroll Gardens alcove offers a simple menu of dumplings, pork buns, bubble tea and Hawaiian shaved ice. Outside, a couple sat with their Husky in the two wicker chairs with dog bowl left beside. We ordered the pork buns and dumplings with beef, pork and cabbage. With twenty-minutes until our take-away would be ready, we decided to mosey around the neighborhood.

Upon our return, we waited another ten minutes, content with the Zaytoons staff putting on a show of playful combat. The dumplings come with your choice of sauce, we chose two (worth the 25 cent up charge!) -- hot chili oil and ginger vinegar. While the sauces stood alone, the marriage of the two provided succulent palate for rolling the dumplings in.

Plump and juicy, the dumplings come in a portion of five. Quite dense and flavorful, they are a filling meal. If I wasn't sharing, there would be no need for the second dish of pork buns. The moist meat in the buns came dressed in sweet Asian barbecue sauce and wrapped in a rice bun.

The cheap eats venue is spectacular from a quality per-price-point perpective. At $3.75 per dish, you're nibbling on a steal. It's worth the trip to Brooklyn.

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