11 July 2010

Captain's Cove: Lobster Roll Take-Away

Located in historic Black Rock Harbor, the Captain's Cove became a staple in 1982. While Bridgeport reflects the continued decay of a failed industrial boom, it's difficult to pull that from the boardwalk.

Vibrant elementary school colors stand firm, even on the days threatening thunderstorms. The boardwalk is lined with kitschy shops- where one can buy pointless items that will certainly clutter your saltbox or city apartment.

The mostly empty venue seemed to be having an unusually quiet day- if you are to take the web page for face value.

Among the kid friendly (and encouraged) activities: magic and comedy shoes, harbor cruises and the heliport.

In consideration of the parents, booze is offered and encouraged at the bar lording over the boardwalk.

Over sized and retired buoys pepper the parking lot. As well, sailboats perched on rests, are clumped to the right of the parking lot.

Our ultimate goal, was an intermediate place to pick up lobster roll take-away. A handful of young girls floated behind the counter- a few notes short of anxious to assist us.

Our spread included: three lobster rolls with cole slaw, fries and half-sour pickles. The lobster came in massive clumps with a buttery white roll and wedges of lemon. Not bad. A bit generous, but at $17, well-matched. We also indulged in an order of spicy curly fries- a decision we regretted- as the sweet potato would have yielded more pleasure. Then again, the fries clearly weren't the ingenue- previously frozen, the focus was the lobster. Kudos on the pickle selection- they tasted locally made.

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