25 July 2010


In preparing for my post on Libation, I couldn't decide whether to pull the inferior quality photos from the facebook album of the event, or to dip into other online sources...then I found this video on Libation's official web page. Videos are cooler, right? What it doesn't show is the third-floor walk-up to the private room, the unisex bathroom with arguably seedy male attendant (I'd like my dollar tip back, I can dry my own hands) or the trays of food: artisan cheese, hummus with pita, skewers with steak, prawns, chicken and marinated vegetables. The food was decent given my low expectations. Duly noted that the goat cheese actively excited one friend, "I want to put this in my purse!"

Coupled with a DJ and bottle service options, this micro experience of a club is a good option for a birthday or bachelor party, as well I've heard that corporate holiday parties are also hosted in the private rooms. Admittedly, we did break out in dance, or at least I did with a number of others. And(!) my college staple, Andre, is served. Nothing wrong with stirring up a little collegiate enthusiasm. This was a Triple Birthday Mega-Jam, after all.

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