25 July 2010

take cocktails at Bar Seven Five

Andaz Wall Street continues to impress me with the improvements it's made to the neighborhood. The farmers market- and now Bar Seven Five, which despite its slow start, is now drawing regular crowds of upwardly mobile bankers. The (nearly) uncomfortably minimalist space includes horizontal rows of lights, vertically slated wooden walls and black blocks for tables- lacking a central bar.

Servers approach to locate you a block (do not come alone) and settle you with a long, drawn-out menu filled with quotes encouraging drinking. We ordered a few house whites, at happy-hour- a light $6 and a few beers. Our overly friendly, in you -work-in-a-hotel-bar-sort-of-way server delivered our drinks to us in a basket, which frankly, he didn't seem to quite have a handle on. We forgave him. He did after all bring us our drinks.

The need to know: two happy hours are offered on Fridays and Saturdays- the traditional after work until six and reverse happy-hour from 9pm- 12am. However, I must note that the server neglected to observe this on my night cap last Saturday, a detail which I was a little too tipsy to argue with. It was time to go home. Good news is, home is next door.

Image: Thrillist

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