31 October 2008

November 4, 2008

A word and photographer from Casey Brooks Photography. You have been informed.

have a spooky weekend, no?

Still need a place to go tonight? Check out: Satan’s Circus at Poisson Rouge. That’s located at 158 Bleecker. It's an Editors Pick event on Going. Things get started at 9:00pm. Or you could sit at home, drink a few Smutty Nose Pumpkin Ales, wait for the kiddies to hit your buzzer- and order Smashing Pumpkins tickets online. If you have stamina, might I suggest Brewtopia? Two days, over one-hundred beers and a pier? It's all you'll need this weekend- or an absolute trainwreck.

a small gesture, perhaps a favor?

Do you know a seamstress? A quilter? I love these petite satchels. Perfect for throwing together a few essentials for your pocket book or crafts bag. I’m thinking holiday or birthday for my Mum, the quilter.
Find them at The Curiosity Shoppe

thank you, google.

The daily reminder of any significant event, anniversary or holiday:
The google homepage.
Oh right, it's Halloween.
Happy Halloween.

30 October 2008

autumn things, brooklyn

flag. j.j. byrne park at 5th ave and 3rd street. park slope.

bar toto. I'd like to recommend the Baccio martini. Raspberry infused vodka, lemon juice...and a few secrets. Best late at night. Early Fall. 6th Ave and 11th street. Park Slope.

Shadows and leaves. Park Slope.

things we saw, coney island

bricks & branches.


feathers and sand.

imagine that, a Russian.


focus: vogue italia

From Miles Aldrige's photo series for the April 2008 Vogue Italia. The use of yellow wove through the images as a motif alongside domestic gadgets and the perplexed expressions on model Caroline Trentini's face. What's more- her bloomeresqe derriere wear. It's stirs an infant feel.

Mary Kate Olsen photographed for June 2007 Vogue Italia: The textures of this photograph took a hold of me- the soft curves of Olsen's skin, the tasseled hair- in a sharp contrast with the lines and geometric shapes of the building. It's beautifully crafted, no? She also feels on the edge, without a safe guard. It's subtly dangerous.

an office favorite

Great find at the Brooklyn Industries Sample Sale/Grand Opening event in Union Square! The dress is wool, fits me like a glove. Although the piping detail is brown, I pair it with a black oxford and low-heel black J.Crew boots. Showered with compliments in the office, I almost wish I had purchased it in black as well. It’s a good Autumn transition piece. Brooklyn Industries offers career pieces each season that add a bit of young spirit and stylistic edge to the usual suits.

points of interest, bbc photo series

"Deadlock" by David Maitland's Winner of the competition’s Behavior: Other Animals category. The photographer mentioned that the struggle lasted for hours through the night in Belize.

Japan's Princess Takamado pours tea for Britain's Prince Charles during the prince's visit to Nagano. Beer?

People tidy the graves of their relatives ahead of All Saints Day. Navotas, Philippines.

29 October 2008

something unexpected

M train. 7:14am. A seat is open. Why is there a seat open? The train is packed with the type of people that don’t stand when there is a place to sit. I considered. A man dressed in all black was slumped on the bench. Leaning into the wall, hood over his head. You couldn’t see an inch of skin. I couldn’t explain why, but I didn’t take the seat either. Not because I only had two stops- he didn’t seem uncanny to me, but to everyone else- herd mentality? He wasn’t a homeless man who’d lost control of his bladder, he didn’t smell (at least from the range I was at) He wasn’t giving a sermon, having a seizure…all the usual indicators of a ostracized seat.
I transferred. Another man sat with a seat open. He moved his backpack and curved his body towards the window. I took the seat that no one wanted. It’s only Wednesday, why am I this tired? I’m going to treat myself to a double tall neurotically detailed latte.
53rd and Lex. I hopped up the escalator. I’ve long since calculated which train car will drop me at the spot most convenient to avoid the line to get on.
Deli. I’ll need packs of Orbit Raspberry Mint and Sweet Mint gum for the office. Gum is staple. A roll of delicious buttery Werther’s Originals as well. Otherwise I’ll snack on the buffet of endless organic, diet conscious food in the Hedgie kitchen. Gum pulls you away from the twenty some odd pounds of Jelly Belly’s that are kept in stock. I placed my items on the deli counter inside the train station.
I opened my yellow antique wallet. A pink dry cleaning slip. A dollar or so in change.
“Oh, I don’t have any cash.”
“You can use the ATM,” his heavily Arabic accented voice gestured.
“Oh, well- I, it’s okay.”
“You can take the items. Stop by next time you’re around.”
“I couldn’t. No, it’s fine. But thank you.”
“Please, take them. “

28 October 2008

Andrew GN: chic, dans paris

As seen on Susan Tabak's blog, weekend robes avec vibrant ornamental details. Designer Andrew GN's Spring 2009 collection is a confident gesture in a season that has been marking black and white as staples.

The collection is noted to have been inspired by the culture of India. Think resort. Imagine the sandals that would like to be paired with these urban-chic escape pieces.

Do you lack pumpkin carving talent?

Why not keep it simple this year? Martha Stewart suggests converting your pumpkins into "mouse motels."
After picking up a dozen or so plastic mice from you closest halloween store, carve peep holes for them in your pumpkins!
I've also seen cute ideas in Good Housekeeping: (Honestly, I didn't subscribe to this magazine...it just started coming one day...and hasn't stopped. I don't get billed, so I can't complain)- take black polka dot or other simple black and white ribbons and tie them around the pumpkins.
Smaller pumpkins and gourds make great centerpieces for your dinner table. I filled a clear vase with colorful, non-uniform gourds for my table.

an idea from Martha, twig coasters!

The skinny:

>Gather 22 twigs for each coaster that you anticipate constructing.
Perhaps four is a good place to start?

> Trim your twigs to a length of 5 inches.

>Double a length of waxed twine, loop center an inch from the end of first twig, and tie once. Tie twine around remaining twigs, one by one. Tie knot at end; cut twine close to knot.

>Repeat on other side

What's to love about this project:

Depending on the decor choices you've made in your home, the twigs can transcend over different themes. You could also select different types of twigs to match your needs. Think rustic, or perhaps even use bamboo for a cleaner, more modern look.

Idea developed from: October 1998 issue of Martha Stewart Living.

27 October 2008

direct from San Diego, Pilgrim's new diggs.

On a recent business trip to San Diego, my Mum found these great seasonal picks for young Pilgrim! Photographed above, Pilgrim in down jacket. Reversible- navy or in white/navy stripes. Pilgrim gives his best tough-guy look. Ready for those mean Brooklyn streets, no?

Pilgrim's Halloween costume! The little dragon will be in Connecticut for the infamous Russian infused Halloween party at the Grinberg residence. Prizes granted for the best costumes, Pilgrim will certainly hold his own.

library discarded

It's common practice to leave your unwanted items on the sidewalk in front of your stoop in Brooklyn. Particularly in neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Park Slope. I stopped to consider the books before me. A young man was loading a UHaul parked to the curb. He glanced over to me.

The stock list:

1- Idiot's Guide to Surviving Divorce.
1- Divorce Busting
1- Unexpected Legacy: Divorce
(Prescription 1)

1- Ten Years of Design Excellency: Italy
1- Tuscany on the Mind
(Trip to Italy, Elixir 2)

1- Girl, Interrupted.
1-Switch Bitch.
1- Empty Red Vase
(A last resort, a lost resort).

Fallen Autumn leaves mark the changing of the season.

You just can't make these things up.

great picks by Gretchen at Left Right Left

Wonder Boy Chirp bi-fold wallet. $29
Also available in red and green. Rest easy that no cattle were slain to produce these weather resistant wallets. Vibrant colors, graphic prints. Need I say more?

Lily heels. $129.
Also available in black. Hidden wedge in a lovely french dove grey. Patent certainly makes a statement. Envision these with leggings and stretch cotton dress that is fitted over your derriere.

Justine Boot. $239.
Also available in Black.What's not to lust after with this boot? Modern and chic it permeates confidence. And that ultra modern heel! Well paired with skinny jeans or a short dress. This boot suits Fall into Winter trends.

Located in mountain city Bellingham, Washington, Left Right Left is a local favorite. Your shop no further spot for trendy footwear- casual to night-on-town. Gretchen opened her lovely store a handful of years ago- tempting the crunchy liberal population with graphic designs and featured local artists work-from bags to the designs on her walls.

Bellingham promotes a local economy- and does so beautifully. There is no shortage of great restaurants, gift boutiques, cafes and other local talents. Within the footwear market, Gretchen leads with her metropolitan edge,which sits on the fence between the market demands of Vancouver and Seattle.You can peruse her digs online or call her boutique directly: (360) 734-0660

26 October 2008

Trinity Pub, Upper East Side

(K w/ the notorious Jimmy S.)

Down from Boston, Lee was in town to celebrate her birthday with the NYC crew. We took her instruction to Trinity Pub, on the Upper East Side. An unlikely choice, considering Lee and company lived on the Upper West Side in combination with Park Slope, before transplanting to Cambridge for Law School.

Getting past the biblical rain and wind storm in play, we jumped from R to Q to 6 to 4 express train...cursing the choice of venue all the way up town. Trinity is a sneeze of a place. Located in a quiet neighborhood. One lone rat scurried under a mini dumpster.
Trinity wasn't quite full when we arrived, a few reasonable Belgian beers tempted on the taps and we exchanged brief greetings and fumbled with the juke box. One nook is carved into the back with low cushions and table, a strange addition to the bar counter or standing room.
(Vadim & Ben: They always go back)

The bartenders made no efforts in concealing their intoxication as they slopped heavy fisted pours of vodka with a splash of soda towards us. We smiled. Twenty dollars for three drinks is spare change in this neighborhood.

The room crowded as the hours passed.Soon we couldn't move without sexually assaulting those around us, "Head out?" I offered. Jimmy and Vadim nodded. We said our goodbyes to the rest of the gaggle and hopped on that 4 express home for late night margaritas and quesadillas in the Slope.

New Jersey is not pretty much New York.

Dear Citizens of Hoboken, Jersey City and other surrounding areas:

Please stop claiming that you live in New York City. You may work in one of the five boroughs (Staten Island you're a stretch, but you pay city taxes, so we'll take you) but living in Jersey does not qualify you as a New Yorker. I've had people compare Hoboken to Brooklyn. What is this? Hoboken is a homogenized community located in New Jersey that is most accurately described as the Greek Row of NYC...non-affiliated. They come onto campus during the day to educate themselves or work- and we tolerate them as they pay tuition and occasionally do some forced community service. Have you ever noticed how commuters from Connecticut do not claim to be from NYC? That's because they aren't trying to make up for something. They know who they are.

Beyond the obvious geographic boundaries and taxes- transportation is another indicator on whether or not you're a New Yorker. Known for its mass transit system, living in New York City means it costs your $2.00 via subway to get anywhere. It doesn't mean that you take the Metro North for $14.00 from Fairfield, or take the PATH for $1.75, then take the subway for an additional $2.00.

With all that being said, I'd like to further support my case with an excerpt from How I Met Your Mother:

25 October 2008

street style by blogger PIKEPINE<3

Street Style Blogger PIKEPINE has captured Seattle, by neighborhood, to a tee. Brilliant. I particularly enjoy the clarity and composure of the photographs. Featured above- a handful of young friends on Capitol Hill.

Southcenter, Tukwila- bit more savvy than I would have expected- kudos.

Ballard. He's so wonderfully Ballard.

Pier 30

well played.

Clever! A friend sent to to me via facebook. VOTE!

24 October 2008

fake louis, mickey d's soda.

As reported by The Cut, Sarah Palin’s daughter has been caught with a faux designer bag. The incrementing detail is the LV logo is hitting the seam on the bottom of the bag instead of being centered on that panel where a symbol is). From a financial standpoint, it’s a good purchase for a child that will grow out of the trend- But let’s consider the larger issue: damage to Palins reputation for purchasing a bag that is manufactured by a counterfeit ring- an industry that notoriously implements child labor and drug trafficking into their business ethics. Go Sarah!

pedi, a new method

Toss the pumice stones and razors! The newest pedicure trend is to swap the harsh tools with dozens of nibbling carp. The “doctor fish” feed on your dead skin and calluses. You’re not to worry about harmful damage as the little fish do not have teeth. Ergo, they will not puncture your live skin. The regimen has been highly popularized in Turkey and Asian countries.

Info source: Essence.com

when from japan, it's better.

I've spoken to the delights of Kasugai’s gummys in past posts, but I thought it appropriate to revisit the products along side other fabulous picks from Japan. New York magazine provides a centralized source on their personal reviews and locations to find the preferred products.

My personal taste is drawn to the Muscat Gummies and the Meiji Chelsea Yogurt Scotch, both have an unexpected flavor that lingers, and fosters an addiction. If you're running errands this weekend, I'd recommend fitting these stops:

M2M 55 Third Ave., at 11th St.; 212-353-2698

Tongin Mart 91 Mulberry St., nr. Canal St.; 212-962-6622.

'private' (?) photos of angelina jolie

Brad Pitt's contribution to the November issue of W is a bit low-brow, no? Although the grainy series of black and white photographs of partner Angelina Jolie do offer a particularly 'candid' look into their personal lives, it seems a bit ridiculous.

W organized the series in between blank white pages to create a off-center focus on the maternal figure in her domestic comfort. You can revel in them on the website, or be one of those people (like me) who awkwardly shuffles and bumps into people on the train while reading the innapropriately oversized magazine.

popping pup!

pour le weekend: Chanel's Mobile Art a' Central Park

Make sense of the terrible weather projected for the weekend by stepping into the Chanel Mobile Exhibit in Central Park. The 2300 square foot show is inspired by Zaha Hadid's iconic 2.55 quilted handbag with chain straps.

Admission is free.

From the West: Enter at the Park at 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue.

Full details here.

23 October 2008


take hold of your noodles!

Cup o' Noodles by Uncommon Goods
PRICE: $26
Uncommon Goods 888-365-0056
Price is for one bowl.

do something for your dish collection.

Clouds Charger by Fishs Eddy
PRICE: $11
Fishs Eddy889 Broadway, Flatiron212-420-9020

Peacock Dinnerware by Anthropologie
PRICE: $14
Anthropologie 85 Fifth Ave., Union Square212-627-5885

8" Print and Pattern Plates by Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters 628 Broadway, East Village212-475-0009