20 March 2015

Have a breezy weekend.

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We're home from toasty warm Florida. It's the first day of Spring. New York apparently did not receive the memo. It's dumping snow outside

What are you up to this weekend? Beyond potentially making snow angels our terrace, we don't have any specific goals, but I'm looking forward to reading Amy Poehler's YES PLEASE and going for a few jogs while listening to my favorite podcasts. 


Seeing white.

I'd like this for dinner.

A good read.

Living in 90 square feet.

Puppies learning to howl. Be still my heart.

A ten minute stop-motion film has been nominated for an oscar.

I keep reaching for this gorgeous palette.

This photo of garbage men taking a break made me smile.

Cookie Lyon's closet is for sale. I'll take the furs.

Add spending the afternoon in Williamsburg to my list of weekend activities.

Lovely spring dress.

A clever way to see if your emails are being tracked.

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