29 February 2012

Maddie on Things

Maddie is an Iowa-based Coonhound exploring physics. Check out the hilarious photo blog here.

beauty secret

While it hasn't been a particulary harsh winter in New York, my lips and face have been dry. A colleague suggested using honey on my lips, rather than balm or vitamin E. Albeit sticky, it's sweet, soothing and healing!


Grilled Cheese Notes

Let's talk grilled cheese for a moment. The ultimate comfort food, we even have a food truck dedicated to the gooey, comforting sandwiches in Manhattan. From Joanna Goddard, by way of Wit & Delight: The Best Grilled Cheese variations you will ever have...

Recipe: Savory Grilled Cheese

You'll need:

Sourdough bread



Hot sauce, like Siracha

White cheddar cheese

Unsalted butter

Fry the bacon until cooked, but not too crispy. Assembled each sandwich with avocado, cooked bacon, cheddar, and hot sauce. Fry the sandwich in the leftover bacon drippings. Grill until bread is brown and cheese is melty.

Recipe: Sweet Grilled Cheese

You'll need:

Multigrain bread




Salted butter

Spread a layer of Nutella on the bread. Top with thinly sliced pears and brie. Butter both sides of the bread. Grill until the outside is toasted brown and the cheese is melty.

28 February 2012

Crystal Pinata in Gold

I think a pinata would add a little more excitement to our wedding! I'm considering calling our venue coordinator to ask about adding this to the schedule of events:)

Sheer Blouse

Sheer can be really sexy...this blouse from ASOS is proof! Swoon.

Follow Me

Do you live near a sandy beach, or plan on visiting one? How fun are these customizable thongs? Design your own here.

27 February 2012

Lust List

I'm one to truly appreciate versatile items. How ridiculously stunning is this pocketbook?! Lust listed!

(Tory Burch, via Bloomingdales)

Oh my...

These are stunning! I would like them for humid summers on my roof deck (filled with Pimms, of course!)

via Pinterest

a dinner at Brasserie Cognac

My fiance works at a French investment bank, a detail, which occassionally directs to venues such as Brasserie Cognac! We settled into the theatre district restaurant  for dinner this past weekend.

While perusing the extensive menu by low candle light, we sipped custom house cocktails (for myself, vodka with grapefruit and agave). A bustling of servers and bus boys seems to be constantly swarming us, setting down and removing various napkins and utensils, laying our bread. I'm not sure if they were training, or this was the usual ritual.
After finishing our cocktails and nibbling on house bread, we selected a bottle of Beaujolais

For our appetizers, we requested the Foie Gras Terrine on country toast and "Cognac" Salmon Ceviche (marinated scottish salmon with endive, frisee and dill sauce). Oh my goodness, is all I can say to express my love for the salmon. I could bath in it. Absolutely divine. Order two and skip your entree.

Of course, we didn't have this knowledge. For our mains, I selected the Mussels "Mariniere" with while wine, shallot, cream and parsley with handcut fries; he the Cassoulet.  The mussels came large, piping hot and in a generous portion.

The cassoulet, a hearty oven bake of duck confit, braised lamb, garlic pork sausage, tomato and bean ragout, is rich in flavor and enough for two.

Against our stomach's better judgement, we accepted the offer of complimentary dessert and after dinner cordials. I partook in the "Pousse Cafe," a choose of coffee (I requested an espresso shot), a 1oz pour of  V.S.O.P cognac, a mini macaron and chocolate feulline.

Without surprise, my fiance got a little more adventurous with the Profiteroles: chou puffs filled with nutty ice cream and doused with chocolate after being set before him. The desserts were satisfying and a bit much to finish.

I'd recommend sharing plates and exploring a handful of the appetizers. 

a dinner at Calvisius Caviar Lounge

My wonderful and thoughtful fiance continues to surprise me with new ventures. We caught a cab up to the Four Seasons on 58th at Park Avenue, to tuck ourselves in Calvisius Caviar Lounge. I enjoy trying new restaurants, but at the core, I am a creature of habit. I love that he pushes me from time to time:)

The lounge is tucked into a small corner of the hotel, with just a handful of tables and one server crafting and presenting the plates. We opened with a half bottle of rose champagne. Pretty shell plates, freshly made mini pancakes, toast and individual butter and sour cream platters were placed before us, as we sipped the mellow bubbles.

The venue specializes in caviars farm raised in Italy, all varieties of Sturgeon from Siberia, America and Italy. We favored the American and Italian, which were more buttery than the fishy Siberian.

Upon finishing our bubbly and caviar, we were brought two chilled shots of premium top shelf Russian vodka, warm spoons of mashed potato with dill and Sturgeon carpaccio. I cannot express to you how smooth and wonderful the fish was- and gorgeously matched to the vodka.

I highly recommend making at reservation at Calvisius, perhaps after a spa visit at the Four Seasons Spa...

26 February 2012

arba'a earrings

Inspired from years working with Moroccan artisans, designer Kirsten Rogers crafted these pretty heart earrings from clay. At $12, they are a steal! I just ordered a pair and you should too. Check out her other designs at her etsy shop.

23 February 2012

Chunk Solid Walnut Pendant

Crafted from a solid chunk of walnut wood and an Edison bulb, these pendant lights are pretty dang cool! Purchase from Dylan Grey Designs via etsy.

Nesting Utensils

Bright colored and well-organized, these nesting utensils are fantastic! These would make a great gift for someone of whom hasn't updated her kitchen in a handful of years.

(Joseph Joseph)

22 February 2012

Fun Animal Prints

I have been exploring options for revamping our apartment with new art. These may be a wee bit too adventurous, but why not? Great conversation pieces for your cocktail party guests.

(Jeff from Novia Scotia via Etsy)

Cute the Breeze Message Board

How fun is this message board set? Perfect for those of whom always have their head in the clouds:)

21 February 2012

Adopt an Olive Tree

Well, I hadn't realized that olive trees could be orphaned, but the good news is: you can adopt one! For $109, you will receive an adoption certificate and your tree's produce in the Spring and Autumn. Read more and participate at Nudo.

Privacy Pop

We live in a studio. I admit having guests over can be a wee bit awkward, as we have no privacy. My interest is peaked by by the Privacy Pop, which attaches to your bed. Clever solution? It reminds me of the specially designed tent that my parents put on my bed when I was a child, to keep me from sleep walking under my bed (I was a weird kid, on my "own program," as my dad explained).

geo planter

If I didn't continue to kill plants at home (is it the AC? lighting?) I would definitely invest in a few of these geo planters. You can find them at Sprout in Brooklyn.

a brunch at Penny Farthing

We walked up the east side of Manhattan to pick up provisions and seek out brunch yesterday. Given that it was Presidents Day, options were limited, lending us to be pleasantly surprised that the Penny Farthing was offering a menu with a complimentary bloody mary or mimosa.

The interior is compromised of wood-planked walls, antique corn huskers and open space, lending a rustic lodge-like feel. We requested the smoked salmon Benedict and steak with eggs. Both plates came with breakfast potatoes and little cups of fruit. The salmon was of excellent quality, yielding no fishiness. The bar keep impressed me as well- with her genuinely friendly demeanor and attention to detail. I requested a basil martini for our second round. I would have appreciated a bit more of a presence of basil flavor, but the cocktail was a good balance of sweetness. I will return to sample the dinner menu, to be sure!

17 February 2012

fashionABLE scarf for a good cause

fashionABLE is a sustainable business partnering with non-profits to create jobs for impoverished women in Africa. These scarves are not only beautiful, but obtainable at $32. Get one for your mother, you grandmother and all your girlfriends for Christmas next year!

Pocket Square Notes

 An economical and clever gift for the businessmen/nerds in your life- Hankie Pocketbook is available in red, cream and charcoal. (Buy it here)

16 February 2012

I'm watching Up All Night whilst uploading New Orleans bachelorette photos on Flickr- the storyline is centered on keeping the baby from having a meltdown and managing that meltdown while traveling. I couldn't help but think of a Wall Street Journal article that my fiance sent me about American child rearing versus French child rearing. The story highlights Pamela Druckerman's Bringing Up Bebe, which examines the vast differences between American and French children; the French children being significantly less finicky and explosive.

I brought up this book and article at drinks with a colleague last night- he has twins....which are, apparently, beyond a handful. He emailed me today telling me that he ordered Bringing Up Bebe to be sent to his wife's iPad. I really want to add this to my Amazon wishlist!  I feel a little weird about it though. We're not ready for kids, but the reading seems engaging!

Three Piece Modern Cutlery Set

I work at a very 'green' investment bank. On day one, you're given your ID, a plastic mug and resuable lunch tote. This Modern Cutlery Set would be a great addition to your cube...you wouldn't have to stock pile plastic forks and spoons from the deli! Carved from bamboo and dipped in a variety of colors, check them out at Core Bamboo.

Peach Sapphire Ring

Ooooh la la....1.18 carat peach sapphire set in rose gold and diamonds! More details at etsy.

15 February 2012

Toasted Coasters

I'm a big fan of coasters. They are the finishing touches on your living room's outfit, no? These clever "Toasted" coasters are yours for $14 at Urban Outfitters.

Fox Earrings

San Francisco-based Bell'Occhio has some cute things worth checking out...these fox earrings included.

14 February 2012

Type n Walk Demo

Ok, so I'm really guilty of typing while walking. This app is a cool concept, but...what about the car that is about to hit you as you dumbly cross the street?

Google Valentines Day

I kind of wish I had watched today's Google banner video earlier this morning, when I noticed it. It put a big smile on my face.

Happy Valentines Day!

Oh, how lovely are these xo cakes?! What are you up to tonight? We are going to dinner at the restaurant where he proposed! I'm thankful for finding the love of my life.