16 February 2012

I'm watching Up All Night whilst uploading New Orleans bachelorette photos on Flickr- the storyline is centered on keeping the baby from having a meltdown and managing that meltdown while traveling. I couldn't help but think of a Wall Street Journal article that my fiance sent me about American child rearing versus French child rearing. The story highlights Pamela Druckerman's Bringing Up Bebe, which examines the vast differences between American and French children; the French children being significantly less finicky and explosive.

I brought up this book and article at drinks with a colleague last night- he has twins....which are, apparently, beyond a handful. He emailed me today telling me that he ordered Bringing Up Bebe to be sent to his wife's iPad. I really want to add this to my Amazon wishlist!  I feel a little weird about it though. We're not ready for kids, but the reading seems engaging!

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