04 February 2012

a light bite at SamSara

Just a stones throw from our apartment, SamSara is a newish bar with bourbon friendly cocktail list and intricately planned small plates menu. The interior is defined by modern amber lights hanging from the ceiling, plants vertically arranged from the walls and a large tv with the image of a fire place.

I began with a SamSara pickle back: a shot of Bulleit Reserve with a shot of house-made pickle juice back. Chris selected the the Bear Market, which is compromised of Bulleit Rye, Grenadine and lemon juice. Both drinks were delightful, however the neat Bulleit and pickle juice were spot on.

We nibbled on spiced popcorn (compliments of the chef) and requested the Horseback on a half shell market oysters baked with bread crumbs, bacon and horseradish. A bit heavy in bread crumbs, they were tasty, but not spectacular. I'm interested to sample more of the menu. The $20 brunch special is tempting!

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