27 February 2012

a dinner at Brasserie Cognac

My fiance works at a French investment bank, a detail, which occassionally directs to venues such as Brasserie Cognac! We settled into the theatre district restaurant  for dinner this past weekend.

While perusing the extensive menu by low candle light, we sipped custom house cocktails (for myself, vodka with grapefruit and agave). A bustling of servers and bus boys seems to be constantly swarming us, setting down and removing various napkins and utensils, laying our bread. I'm not sure if they were training, or this was the usual ritual.
After finishing our cocktails and nibbling on house bread, we selected a bottle of Beaujolais

For our appetizers, we requested the Foie Gras Terrine on country toast and "Cognac" Salmon Ceviche (marinated scottish salmon with endive, frisee and dill sauce). Oh my goodness, is all I can say to express my love for the salmon. I could bath in it. Absolutely divine. Order two and skip your entree.

Of course, we didn't have this knowledge. For our mains, I selected the Mussels "Mariniere" with while wine, shallot, cream and parsley with handcut fries; he the Cassoulet.  The mussels came large, piping hot and in a generous portion.

The cassoulet, a hearty oven bake of duck confit, braised lamb, garlic pork sausage, tomato and bean ragout, is rich in flavor and enough for two.

Against our stomach's better judgement, we accepted the offer of complimentary dessert and after dinner cordials. I partook in the "Pousse Cafe," a choose of coffee (I requested an espresso shot), a 1oz pour of  V.S.O.P cognac, a mini macaron and chocolate feulline.

Without surprise, my fiance got a little more adventurous with the Profiteroles: chou puffs filled with nutty ice cream and doused with chocolate after being set before him. The desserts were satisfying and a bit much to finish.

I'd recommend sharing plates and exploring a handful of the appetizers. 

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