29 February 2012

Grilled Cheese Notes

Let's talk grilled cheese for a moment. The ultimate comfort food, we even have a food truck dedicated to the gooey, comforting sandwiches in Manhattan. From Joanna Goddard, by way of Wit & Delight: The Best Grilled Cheese variations you will ever have...

Recipe: Savory Grilled Cheese

You'll need:

Sourdough bread



Hot sauce, like Siracha

White cheddar cheese

Unsalted butter

Fry the bacon until cooked, but not too crispy. Assembled each sandwich with avocado, cooked bacon, cheddar, and hot sauce. Fry the sandwich in the leftover bacon drippings. Grill until bread is brown and cheese is melty.

Recipe: Sweet Grilled Cheese

You'll need:

Multigrain bread




Salted butter

Spread a layer of Nutella on the bread. Top with thinly sliced pears and brie. Butter both sides of the bread. Grill until the outside is toasted brown and the cheese is melty.

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