27 February 2012

a dinner at Calvisius Caviar Lounge

My wonderful and thoughtful fiance continues to surprise me with new ventures. We caught a cab up to the Four Seasons on 58th at Park Avenue, to tuck ourselves in Calvisius Caviar Lounge. I enjoy trying new restaurants, but at the core, I am a creature of habit. I love that he pushes me from time to time:)

The lounge is tucked into a small corner of the hotel, with just a handful of tables and one server crafting and presenting the plates. We opened with a half bottle of rose champagne. Pretty shell plates, freshly made mini pancakes, toast and individual butter and sour cream platters were placed before us, as we sipped the mellow bubbles.

The venue specializes in caviars farm raised in Italy, all varieties of Sturgeon from Siberia, America and Italy. We favored the American and Italian, which were more buttery than the fishy Siberian.

Upon finishing our bubbly and caviar, we were brought two chilled shots of premium top shelf Russian vodka, warm spoons of mashed potato with dill and Sturgeon carpaccio. I cannot express to you how smooth and wonderful the fish was- and gorgeously matched to the vodka.

I highly recommend making at reservation at Calvisius, perhaps after a spa visit at the Four Seasons Spa...

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