05 March 2015

Glossier: The Complete Product Line

Skin care is something that I wish I had paid more attention to before I entered my mid-twenties. I was a Clinique 3-Step system and tanning bed ("For a healthy glow!") girl throughout my teens and college. After moving to New York from the Pacific Northwest, I discovered these things called seasons that weren't all skin-loving, fresh dewy air.  Over the years I became a product junky, determined to discover the best serums, night moisturizers and primers.

When one of my daily reads, Into the Gloss, launched a beauty line, I immediately purchased the Phase 1 Set. And then the limited edition metallic eyeliners. And clearly, when the masks were introduced, I hopped to. 

The products are packaged in baby pink bubble mailers and come with branded stickers to personalize your balm, sprays or iPhone, if that's your thing. The bubble mailers have become a travel staple for me. I toss my face mist, under eye masks and other essentials for combating stale airplane air. 

Phase 1 Set ($80)
The four-piece system includes Glossier's signature Priming Moisturizer, Balm Dotcom universal skin salve, Perfecting Skin Tint (available in three shades) and the rose-scented Soothing Face Mist.

I find that I reach for the Soothing Face Mist and Balm Dotcom daily, sometimes more frequently. The Soothing Facial Mist multitasks to moisturize my Beauty Blender and Balm Dotcom keeps my lips supple in the below freezing temps (that don't seem to be letting up any time soon).

The Priming Moisturizer is buildable and luscious, but it doesn't have SPF. Lately, I've been relying on primers to provide sun protection while I work my way through my winter staple Caudalie Premiere Cru lotion.

The Skin Perfecting Tint provides extremely light coverage. It's a product I feel that I'll reach for more during humid summers or maybe not at all.  Time will tell.

All items are available for individual sale, which allows you to restock items you use more frequently, or narrow down to what works for you.

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack ($22/ 3oz)
If you drink green juice like I do, you will appreciate this face cocktail which features a powerful team of white kaolin clay, superfruit antioxidants and leafy greens to draw out impurities and decrease inflammation. I'm occasionally guilty of going to bed without washing off my make-up. When I wake up feeling puffy and stressed, I apply the mask and leave it for twenty minutes while I'm making tea and plucking items from my wardrobe. After rinsing, my skin is dewy fresh.

Moisturizing Moon Mask ($22/ 3oz)
The Moisturizing Moon Mask is my new HOLY GRAIL. If I had a storm shelter, I would pack dozens of containers of this mask next to the canned goods. The powerhouse recipe includes sweet almond oil, honey, lemon extract and licorice root to plump skin and restore elasticity. My skin drinks up the opaque cream shamelessly and without abandon. I wipe the slight residue off after 20-30 minutes to reveal a youthful rosy cheeked glow.

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