19 July 2010

take cocktails at JakeWalk

We escaped the Bastille Day Festival crowding Carroll Gardens and into The JakeWalk. Along the white concrete box, a line up of wooden tables were scattered with couples, shirtless babies and puppies. Inside, the dark room provided a cool refuge from the heat. Toille and sienna walls with cast iron lamps create a prohibition-era atmosphere. The menu offers over forty types of cheese, twenty-five wines by the glass and several detail-oriented cocktails.

A bartender donning a lamb chop mustache and weathered floral shirt set a few glasses of ice water before us. He offered support in our cocktail direction and began to violently shake a mixer while stirring another cocktail (think pat head and rub stomach at the same time talent). It comes as no surprise that the eclectic menu of cocktails were developed in part from Death & Co bartender Joaquin Simon. For our first round, I selected the Mostly Harmless (tequila blanco, lime, muddled cucumber and absinthe) and my company the Dudebro (rum, old time bitters, vermouth and aperol). My cocktail took me by surprise, I had temporarily decided to block out of my mind that absinthe has a licorice flavor. Though after sampling the Dudebro (too much man for me), I fostered an appreciation for my cocktail.

Not quite ready to go back into the sun, we requested a second round of cocktails. The For Esme caught my eye with dry vermouth, creme de peche, lime juice, demerana, allspice dram and sparkling rose. My company decided on the Enrique Palazzo, an overtly sweet mix of white rum, lambrusco, lime juice, pomegranate molasses and a float of navy strength rum. Of the four cocktails, the For Esme garnered my affection. The sparkling rose cut the liquor and juices, which created a pitch-perfect summer beverage.

The menu looks fantastic, I'd love to get in to sample the sharing plates, among those- fondue!

Images: NYMAG.

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