25 July 2010

a brunch at Kitchenette

Before the brunch crowds descended on Tribeca's Kitchenette, we shuffled through the glass door, to be greeted by a few smiling faces and scads of Candyland-style bright bakery treats. A buzz of servers clad in handkerchiefs stirred up a bit of collegiate nostalgia- as they could have been in any of the cafes surrounding my liberal arts university- with their earthy, make-up free faces (I was noted as an anomaly at the school for wearing pumps to the bars!)

The room consists of pastels, polka dots and old doors painted and encased in glass for tables. The theme lends you to believe you might be in the country home of you eccentric great aunt (which she shares with her eight cats). A few jars of water were set before us, as well a larger jar of iced coffee. With all this in mind, I decided to make simple choices, rather than look for items which offer unique twists.

From the griddle, my partner chose the French toast with scrambled eggs and bacon. Served in a heap of delicious, bacon a whipped butter with strawberry completed the classic breakfast platter. I decided on the artichoke and tomato omelet with cheesy southern-style grits. Dressed in a savory and satisfyingly fatty pesto, I'd have to say this was a pretty delicious brunch after a night of drinking wine. Not to neglect the biscuit! Homemade and served warm with more of the whipped strawberry butter, I probably could have filled my pocketbook with them and nibbled all afternoon!

Images: NY Mag, the food: from my iPhone.

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