02 July 2010

take cocktails at The Bubble Lounge

Self proclaimed at New York City's premier champagne salon, The Bubble Lounge offers over 300 varieties of sparkling wine. The venue sits on the fence between garish and tasteful with hundreds of backlit bottles and poster advertisements (that you could likely pick-up at Linens N' Things).

We ordered a bottle of Aubry and sank into the low-set couches and patterned chairs. The flow of the room encouraged a coziness with your company, a buzzy-teenager type of love, to be sure. We refilled our own glasses once- which seemed to encourage our server to be more attentive.

To sum it up:

Businessmen scan the room for hapless young females to impress with bottles of brut. For those who do get lucky, there's the cozy Krug Room downstairs, where couples can recline and let the bubbly take effect.