02 July 2010

a dinner at Flor de Sol

Within the cavernous dark dining room, we settled ourselves between the red curtains and iron chandeliers of Flor de Sol. Although the seductive tapas spot is located in celeb-saturated Tribeca, it tends to attract Wall Street social climbers, rather than the Hollywood vanguard. We shared a large pitcher of Sangria Blanco and nibbled on bread with extra virgin olive oil while putting together our thoughts on small plates for sharing. I had a few ideas, but it had been three years since I had last dined at this venue. One thing was certain- the seamless and unobtrusive service remained consistent with the familiar Bossa Nova soundtrack.

For our group of four, we chose six plates to begin:

Ceviche de Carmarones: shrimp marinated and lemon and lime juices. Fresh and with ripe tomatoes, the dish was pitch perfect for a balmy summer night.

Jamon Importado: cured and thinly sliced- the buttery ham came garnished with green olives and grape tomatoes.

Croquettes de Pollo: deep fried, the melty chicken flecked center would not be my first choice, but they were popular with the rest of my group- in particular, my Southern bred friend.

Calamares Romano: deep fried squid with marinara dipping sauce. All rings, the tentacle-free plate was surprisingly light.

Pulpa a la Fiera: Octopus sliced and simmered in spanish olive oil, paprika and parsley. A gorgeous presentation- neat and lined up in a filled in circle, the meat came expertly prepared in terms of the texture and marriage of spices.

Chorizo with Jalapenos: an evening special, this was my favorite dish with the smokey and spicy sausage juices flavoring the sauteed peppers.


Given the generous portions for a tapas-themed venue, it came as a surprise that others at the table were in interested in perusing the dessert menu. I followed suit with my side of the table- tawny port, over sweets- the other side of the table requested a chocolate tart and spanish creme brulee. The port was lovely and an appropriate punctuation. The chocolate tart tasted pre-frozen and the whipped cream garish clearly originated from a store-bought can. Regardless, it was enjoyed by a few. The creme is something that I would have typically chosen for myself, ergo, it garnered my affection.

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